Good God


Good God Essay, Research Paper

Good God

When one walks through the streets of humanity, one must choose their destiny.

Is it to believe in God, or to become conservative and choose not to believe?

Well, the people of the world should all just creep within their minds, and

choose not to follow the Messiah onto the deceptive fields of love. These people

become sicken with doubt, and unleashing them are quite easy. But the world may

never know, for the fools that are blinded with salvation still wander in


Objection number one is that, can one actually prove the ?existence? of God? How

can one experience divinity, without experiencing death first? No men on this

earth can! Not the Pope, Saint Anselm, nor William Paley, who actually tired to

prove the existence of God. William Paley once said , ?If a man wandered upon a

hill, and discovered a watch; who would question the fact, that the watch was

created by a designer?? It’s possible that the statement is true, but a watch

can’t be compared to a universe’s creation. Paley would later say that the world

must have a designer, meaning a God. The watch of coarse must of been created

by a designer, but the world is totally different. It’s more like a carpenter

building a house or building. People can relate more to a building than a

universe, cause it’s possible that one can experience living within a house.

It’s not possible for anyone to live among the outside world, and think that God

created everything. This only proves Paley’s downfall, and ideas that have no

back bone! The world to be created by God is impossible, only cause man seeks

more than his environment. God cannot be proven!

Belief! The question of believing, is a question of faith. This is a story of

faith. Jeremiah once entered a church full of greed, and listened to the words

of God. When the sermons of Christ ended, the preacher and his followers handed

down baskets, filled with money. Jeremiah just sat in confusion, wondering why

and where is all that money going to. As Jeremiah left the church, he over heard

the preacher’s wife, ?Now can you buy me diamond ring?? Jeremiah began to weep,

as the rage within him rushed throughout his mind. At home, Jeremiah told his

mother about the fury within , and he spoke this: “Mother! Why is the entire

church of Christ corrupt? Why is the world so cold? Doesn’t God even exist? Well

I know one thing that’s certain; there is no longer true faith among this

planet! Humanity, along with false ministers have killed God! God is truly dead-

—-” His mother just stood in shock, watching him draw a picture of a mad

bishop, revealing and exploiting the meanings of Jesus Christ. This is the

sadness that one who believes in God, can actually discover, and feel a sense of


There is many people who believe God is all Powerful, God is all good, and evil

exist. These are the propositions that gives a religious man true faith. But if

God was all powerful, then there wouldn’t be no evil. God would simply destroy,

or cast out evil within the world. And if God was all good, then why would some

innocent child be raped , and be left for dead? God is all powerful, and chose

not to save an innocent child. Who now is evil, and who now is good? And last is

the evil that burdens the lands all walk on. It’s sad that evil exist among the

world, but evil still exist. Some people perceive evil as symbol of ?wrong doing?

, thus, creating and using ?good? as a tool to confront, and destroying all of

evil that’s around everyone. But if man is here to defeat evil all by himself,

then why would God be needed? Evil exist only to explore the other sides of

what’s good. This is the confusion that one may encounter, if accepting the

beliefs of these propositions.

The will to believe, and the life after death. The only thing man has going for

him, is will power. He can either use it to oppose, or accept God, it really

doesn’t matter. The will to believe in an afterlife is beautiful, and heart

warming. It’s beauty is expressed in a sense of hoping for something beyond this

world, and that is so capturing to souls that hunger for more. The entire

meaning of creating salvation within the soul is creative, and creativity is

probably the greatest assets a religious person can have. This is the credit

that all can present to the prodigies of God.

Today in society the world still lives off the false faith of God, and now must

society change in order to become true. Man is true at heart, when the doubts of

God are no more, and so must all turn away from he. Science today is God, and

there is no longer a need to pray. The evidence that opposes the existence of

God is great, and still the people of God wonder ?why?? Why must one choose to

disbelieve in the existence of God? And why call for such an action? The

solution to this query is, cause “this world is a will to power—- and nothing



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