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Introduction EssayThe era of classic Greece from 460 to 429 b.c.e. was known as the Golden Age because during those years Athens made great achievements to the world. The 5th century BCE was a period of great development in Athens. The development of so many cultural achievements within Athens has led scholars to deem this period a “Golden Age.”The 5th century and the Athenian Empire gave birth to an amazing amount of accomplishments. Athenian democracy is perhaps considered the crowning achievement of the 5th century BCE. Democracy grew out of the status that poorer Athenians were gaining as rowers for the ships of the large Athenian fleet. Since these poorer Athenians now played a large part in the Athenian military, they ga8ined more say in the Athenian government. This led to a democratic government where “every male citizen over 18 years was eligible to attend and vote in the Assembly, which made all the important decisions of Athens in the 5th century BC_” (Demand 223). This democratic government is considered by some scholars to show the full enlightenment of the Athenians in the 5th century BCE.

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