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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe?s work Faust was an elemental romantic work. Faust, the main character of Faust, was similar to Prometheus or Napoleon, one who ventured for power to rule the world. For example in Goethe?s Faust, the proud condition of human nature can be seen by the way Faust was willing to sell his soul to better himself.

In Faust Mephistopheles makes a wager with God. The wager is that Faust, a common doctor, will stray from the path that is true and fit. Mephistopheles makes an agreement with Faust that if Mephistopheles satisfies Faust?s desires in this world, Faust will work as Mephistopheles servant. Faust lives a typical romantic life full of passion, pride, and adventure. A turning point to Faust after Faust lives his life with his desires fulfilled he decides to change.

Goethe is generally recognized as one of the greatest and most versatile European writers and thinkers of modern times. Goethe can be compared to his writings because he also quested to better himself. Goethe alienated himself from society, he spent over 40 years working on Faust. Goethe?s works were cynical and self-pitying. The ideas and beliefs portrayed in Faust portray Goethe as a romantic.

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