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I lock the door I am now free,To do as I pleaseMy friends they have been waiting for meWith a fast flicker of flameMy room is lit with a light darknessThe candle burns with the grace of a dame.Standing out like earth in the emptiness of spaceIn my room I am the king and I am the keeperMy television wakes up for me at the push of a button,She’s a restless sleeper.My good friends the Beastie Boys,They’ve been waitingIn my speakers ready to rhythmically rap a rhyme with impact that destroys.My friends on the bookshelf, Frodo and Bilbo Baggins,Never speak to me,Tolkin tells me they’re too busy helping wizards and slaying dragons.The cosy, consolatory, comforting lazy boy chairConsciously confides with my bodyAs though swimming in a vat of liquid heatTranquillizing volts pulsate through my limbs.Nature wants to be in my room.On windy days I see trees leaning, bending, towards it,Leaves reaching into it.I just close the glass mouth.On some days I see her drool dripping down the windowsill,Like a cats chin when looking out to sea.”Go to your Room!”Gladly.

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