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Genesis is the start of a new beginning. In the King James Translation, the book of Genesis explains how everything came to be. Lord God creates meaningful things to establish the Earth. Amongst his creation he creates man and woman.

There is always a beginning for everything, but, How does it begin, is the answer that seems to puzzle everyone. Christians believe that in the word of the Holy Bible, which justifies the answer, How does it begin? There are also folk tales and myths which tells how certain things came about. Scientist?s teachings go against all myths, folk tales and religion beliefs, and set a different understanding of Earth on a much scientific level. They believe that everything came about due to evolution. There seems to be no common ground between the scientific theories and ones beliefs on how the Earth begins.

In the book of Genesis it answers the question, How does it begin? The book elaborates on how and why things are the way they are today. It not only tells its believers how it began but it also teaches them that they are all one, and if they are without Lord Gods other creations the circle of life is incomplete. Genesis is also a necessity to life, because without a beginning there is no middle or end. It illustrates to its believers that despite ones shortcomings there are always a new beginning for them to start over and to move on with their lives.

In every religion and belief there is some form of the beginning of the New World. From now until the end of time there will always be a new beginning. Through time the answer to the question will soon be discovered, but the real answer is what one believes and feels in their heart, no matter what is said scientifically.

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