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The career of my dreams is to be a general manager. The general manager is the

person who sets polices and directs the operations of business and corporations. They only

have to report their tasks to top executives. I would like to be the individual that make

the strategies and the one that makes sure the company is following this procedures. The

general manager is also known as CEO. This Top manager meet frequently with other

low level managers to make sure everyone in the company is following the policies. The

general managers most of the time is responsible for the failure of the company. The

general managers are in charge of making sure the middle managers are following and

performing the strategies and goals set by them. As this two types of manager do these

task, the low level managers supervised the employees. I will be describing below the

most important aspects that have to do with a general manager.

General managers are always provided with spacious offices and secretarial and

support staff. They usually have offices close to the top executives to whom they report.

One bad characteristic about this career is that you have to work long hours,including

evenings and weekends. Sometimes they have flexible hours.

Traveling is sometimes required by general managers, who could travel between

national, regional, and local offices, or overseas. They have to travel because they are in

charge of monitoring the operations and meeting with customers, staff, and other

executives. The general managers sometimes meet with potential buyers, donors, and

government official to keep the possibility of getting new technological and managerial


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