Gene And Phineas


Gene And Phineas Essay, Research Paper

Gene and Phineas

Gene and Phineas are two different people. These two teenagers were

brought together by the Devon School, a boarding school in New England. Both

of these boys are growing up in a time of trouble world war 2 but this is only

one way they are alike, however they are also different in many ways.

Phineas is a great athlete, the best in the entire school. What Gene lacks in

athleticism he gains in smarts. Gene is one the smartest kids in his class and

could well be valedictorian. These boys are paired up and become roommates

and best friends.

Gene is a held back person afraid of his true feelings. For

example he wouldn’t tell Finny that he did not want to jump out of the tree

before every meeting because he was afraid of what Finny would say to him.

Also he always agrees with Finny before thanking about what he is saying.

Finny, however, does not care about how anyone else thinks about him.

An example from the book would be that he did not tell anyone about breaking

the swimming record. This is an example because if Finny had cared about

what everyone else thought he would have told everyone to make them think

he was the best at everything including swimming which was not even one of

the sports he played.

Even though Finny is popular and athletic he is not very smart however

Gene who is very smart is not that athletic and the only reason he is popular is

because Finny is popular and they are best friends. This seems true because

when Finny was not in school it didn’t seem as Gene really did anything with


Another difference is that Finny looks at Gene as his best friend, but

Gene does not think Finny is his best friend. Gene feels jealousy towards

Finny that Finny does not know about. At first Gene assumed that because

they were roommates they was best friends. If Gene told Finny that he was

questioning their friendship, which Finny would do for Gene, their friendship

might not be as rocky

Finny also feels that friends are the most important things. He thinks

this because he couldn’t even get himself to say that Gene might have pushed

him off the tree. Obviously Gene does not feel the same way or he would have

never jounce the tree limb.

Finny does not believe there is a war going on. He thinks this because

he believes the war is a story made up by fat men to make people suffer.

Gene however believes the war is real and that Finny is insane for thinking

that. Gene almost enlisted in the war that is much Gene believes in the war.

Gene and Finny are similar in that they are the same age growing up in

time of war. They both are attending the Devon School and they share a

room. They both share problems and thoughts.

Both Gene and Finny are preparing to go to war. They are trying to live

the summer to it’s fullest. They are true American poster boys. At least they

were until Finny fell out of the tree.

As you can see Gene and Finny is more different from alike, but

sometimes the best of friends are complete opposites. What one lacks in the

other makes up for it. Even though they are so different they always have one

thing in common the war. This proves that no matter how different you are you

can still be friends. It also proves that when you are paired up with someone

you start to bond.

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