Gangsters And Lawmen Of The 1930


Gangsters And Lawmen Of The 1930′S Essay, Research Paper

Gangsters And Lawmen Of The 1930’s The 1930’s was a great era for crime. There were some pretty bad criminals andsome pretty bad stuff they would do just to get out of doing yard work, ect… and so on.One of the baddest Gangsters back then was John Dillinger and his gang he hadgotten together in Michigan city while in prison. Some of his fellow gang membersconsisted of “Pretty Boy” Floyd, and “Baby Face” Nelson. Dillinger was born inIndianapolis, Indiana and attracted national attention for a series of crimes he hadcommitted in the midwestern United States in 1933 and 1934. After Dillinger and hisboy’s got out of jail in 1933, they went on a rampage robbing a dozen banks andholding up three police stations. They tried to get other gang members that were in jailout of jail while holding up the police stations. The FBI all started because of JohnDillinger, But back then they were called the G-men( Goverment Men ). J. EdgarHoover was the one who started it, he was the leader of the G-men back then. He alsolabeled Dillinger as ”Public enemy number one”. One Of Dillingers most famous actswas when he escaped from a jail called Crown Point In Indiana using a mock guncreated out of wood, painted with black shoe polish to look like a real gun. Dillingerwas shot on a setup by the G-men in 1943 at the Biograph Theater on July 22nd. Theyhad this women go with him as a date and they would know it was her because shewas wearing red. After they came out of the theater she ran down the sidewalk andthe G-men shot Dillinger. That women is now known as ”The Lady In Red”. She waspaid 50,000 for doing that. Another really bad, famous gangster in the 1930’s was Al capone A.k.a “Scar face”. He got his nickname from a scare he got from a knife on his left cheek. Born in Naples,Italy and raised in Brooklyn, New York of an immigrant family, AlCapone quit school after the sixth grade and associated with a notorious street gang,becoming accepted as a member. Johnny Torrio was the street gang leader and

among the other members was Lucky Luciano, who would later attain his ownnotoriety. In the 1920’s, after being in gangs for almost 10 years now, he took over aChicago organization dealing illegal liquor, gambling, and prostitution. He took out hiscompetitors in gang wars, culminating the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre of 1929.Convicted of income tax evasion in 1931 and sentenced to 11 years in prison he wasreleased on parole in 1939. Almost Crippled from Syphilis he spent the rest of his lifein his Florida Mansion. Some really bad Bank Robbers, and “Bad Guys” WereBonnie And Clyde. Real names Bonnie Parker And Clyde Barrow, were greatcriminals durring the Great Depression in the 1930’s. Bonnie and clyde were bothborn in Texas, and they met in 1930. They were both first linked in crime in a 1932automobile theft. For two years they worked their way across the southwestern UnitedStates, holding up gas stations, restaurants, and banks, and killing 12 people. Theywere shot and killed in an ambush by law officers outside of Arcadia, Lousiana, in1934. These are just some of the gangsters/ criminals in the 1930’s. They were reallybad, and would do some bad things to people back them. They prisons they were in,were really tough. They wern’t really a good place to be back them. John Dillingerpoured hot steel into one of his boots to get out of making Manhole Covers. Hethought it was too hot to work back there so he had to get out of doing that work oneway. Then he poured acid on his injuried heel, so finally they got him out of Foundryand moved him to yard work. They moved him from Pendleton to Michigan City, andthere he met up with his gangster buddies. He wanted to go Michigan city to be withHarry Pierpont and Homer Van Meter. He told the Governor he wanted to go there toplay baseball because they had a “real” baseball team. In Michigan City they wouldget so bored in solitary, that they would play battle ship with other inmates by drawing100 squares and numbering them. Then yelling numbers through the cells back andforth. The prisons back then were not like they are in the 1990’s.


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