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Games Arn’t Fun If You Don’t W Essay, Research Paper

Why games are no fun unless you win

Games arn’t any fun unless you win because your opponent gets the chance to laugh at you, If you want to win you have to play that much longer, and you lose intrest if you don’t win the game after that which makes it no fun

If your opponent laughs at you it makes you mad enough to just throw the game in the garbage. But if he just lets you win then that is showing you mercy and not making the game any fun and making you want to have a rematch

If your dead said on winning then you might have to play the game for hours after that because your opponent might actually be alot better at this particular game causing you to be unable to complete your task at hand

And finally if you lose intrest in the game then you might as well throw it out because you’ll never play it or you won’t wanna play it because you got betean so badly

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