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Ambition(I) iii, 135-142This quote is significant to our understanding of the play because these lines talk about how Macbeth is thinking ruthless thought which concern the death of Duncan and that his downfall and tragic flaw is his ambition.

Order and Disorder(I) ii, 8-23This quote describes the battle, which is disorder and it creates and uproar and disrupts the peace. This quote talks of war and battle.

Appearance & Reality(I) 5, 60-69Significance of this quote it that evil lurks behind fair looks. Everything is not always, what it appears to be. That people wear masks, and that the mask hides the truth about who they really are; usually they are deceitful. People put on appearances to hide things.

Equivocation(I) iii, 149-155Macbeth lies to Banquo after the witches have had their visit. Macbeth is hiding what he is really thinking about. He is pondering the deed of killing the King (Duncan) and taking the throne. He is untruthful towards Banquo.

Darkness & Light (I) 4, 48-53This quotes mentions black-which is the colour of darkness and the devil, ties into Macbeth having dark thoughts, evil thoughts, and eventually doing evil things.

(I) 5, 49,50,52All the quotes mentioned have the notion of darkness. They describe the darkness that lies in Macbeth and that lives in Lady Macbeth. She will urge him to commit dark deeds. When darkness is referred to, it foreshadows the death of Duncan and the corruption in the play.

(I) 5, 60-62This quote refers to light. That they have to put on the appearance of being happy and that as if nothing were being plotted against Duncan.

(I) 7, 10-12Signifies the communion-white is represents righteousness and purity, talks about wine-connected to the black mass. Ironic because at the same time Macbeth is involved in darkness.

Blood(I) 5, 42Foreshadows death. Tied to the devil and represents evil. Lady Macbeth is talking about how she wants to kill Duncan for her husband. Blood, foreshadows the upcoming deaths.

Babies & Children(I) 7, 21These quotes signify vulnerability and innocence. Lady Macbeth refers to her husband as a child, insulting his manliness. She talks about killing a child. The talk of children represents Macbeth?s vulnerability towards Lady Macbeth and towards his ambition. His innocence is that he doesn?t want to kill Duncan, but is persuade in the end.

(I) iii, 86This quote is quite different for the first one. This quote is a response Macbeth gives Banquo. This refers to royalty.

Sleep(I) 7, 61When Lady Macbeth tells Macbeth about the plot to kill Duncan, how?s it going to be done, she describes it when he is sleeping.

(I) 7, 67-75This quote that talks about sleep represents death. That Lady Macbeth wants to get the guard?s drunk, and they will fall into a sleep and they will be blames for Duncan?s death. Their memories will be fogged and hazy. Things will be unclear and confusing.

Animals, birds & insects(I) I, 8-10At the beginning of the Macbeth, the three witches call to their imps (familiar creatures). This sets the mood for the entire play, the atmosphere is create here. It is one of supernatural and mythical. In addition, the mention of other animals represents Macbeth?s courage when he was in the heat of battle. (I) ii. ?As sparrows eagles, or the hare the lion?

(I) 5, 38, 65This quote mentions the raven which represent darkness and the evil that is being plotted. The mentioning of the serpent represents how Macbeth and Lady Macbeth must be sneaky and deceitful, they must put on the appearances of welcoming host, not of plotting murderers.

(I) 6, 4-10This quote talks about how theirs is bird that has made its nest in the jutting out piece of the castle. This is dramatic irony because birds usually represent peace and God. Which would clash with the people that inhabit the castle. The castle is a symbol of darkness-bird light.

Clothes (I) iii, 108-109Macbeth?s usurpation of the throne of Scotland dresses him in ?borrowed robes?. This illustrates the theme of deceptive appearances. That Macbeth must dress up, that he has to put on a mask and hide what his real thoughts are


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