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During the early 1800s, France was emerging as a violent nation and eventually at the Congress of Vienna, France s fate was decided. It was chosen that they would be lead by Louis the XVIIi, who was a Bourbon, so that the other monarchs would not have to worry about an attack from a French force again.

When Louis XVIII died, he did not have a heir, so it was decided that Charles X, his brother, would reign the throne. He was a believer in the days of an absolute monarchy, and he tried to show his power by disolving the Assembly, or the legislature, and ending freedom of press and speech. He also removed much of the people s voting rights, so as to make sure he would be in power. He was then abdicated after parisian workers forced him to leave in three glorious days.

After Charles X was abdicated, a new constitution was put into effect. This one had less ties with the old royal family. The new king was decided on being Louis Phillipe, who was the cousin of Charles X. He was not very related with his cousin, and he wore and spoke like a citizen, he was nicknamed Citizen King . He ruled for 18 years during 1830 to 1848. It became very obvious that the king didn t have the people in his mind, and wanted return to a complete monarchy as well. He was forced to abdicate the throne after some angry demonstrationers.

Next after Louis Phillipe, came Louis Napoleon. He was the nephew of the famous general from the glory days of France. He was elected more for his nme than his actual skill or abilities. He won popularity from the Army, the Church, and the middle class, so that he could direct a coup de etat, on December in 1851. He then had a country-wide vote on whether to give him full power. He became a dictator, and proved his abilities by fighting in the Crimean war, to show the power of France. He ruled for a good 20 years almost, until he made the mistake of declaring war on Prussia, who was then a struggling super power. In 1870, he declared war on Prussia, and he was captured by the Prussians.

When Louis Napoleon left power, the French people had to find a way to keep from being absolved into Prussia. They made an improvosational government, that had little real power and was set up with the idea of soley making peace with the Prussians. This stayed in power until shortly after defeating the Commune in Paris, a socialist group who denied the existance of their govermental power.

The people wrote another constitution, and started the third republic. This legislature had 2 houses, and a President who led who had no ability in reality. It was similar to the united state s constitution. The third republic fought General Georges Boulanger, a famous war general, who wanted to restore the fighting against the Prussians. They were also able to withstand the problems with the Panama Canal Scandal.

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