Fractional Distillation


Fractional Distillation Essay, Research Paper

Crude Oil Crude oil is made frm dead animals under the sea which were

compressed between layers of impermeable rock in sedimentary rock. Fractional Distillation Fractional distillation takes place at an oil refinery. The

process separates the many hydrocarbons in crude oil into useful mixtures.

Hydrocarbons that are separated include refinery gas which is used for gas

cookers, and paraffin used for aircraft fuel Properties of fractions at the top: Low boiling point

Burn with a clear flame

Light coloured

More runny

Burn readily

Are smaller molecules Properties of fractions at the bottom: Have a high melting point

Are darker in colour

Are thicker

Less likely to burn

Are larger molecules

These hydrocarbons have a high boiling point and have longer carbon chains.

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