Flexibilty Essay, Research Paper

What is the most popular way to improve your flexibility?

- Flexibility is the measure of the range of motion or the maximum amount of movement that is possible at a particular joint.

- You can improve your flexibility through stretching exercises that can enhance your effcieny of movement and improve your posture.

- Yoga is the most popular way to improve your flexibility today. Yoga which originated in India combines stretching, coordination, balance, and meditation, it is an excellent way to improve your flexibility. Its effects have given it popularity and allowed it to spread across the world.

- The controlled stretching of muscles at a particular joint enhances ones flexibility.

- Your primary strategy is to decrease the amount of resistance to tension within a muscle. To do this you can repeatedly stretch the muscle and its 2 tendons to elongate them

- There are 3 major types of stretching techniques. They are Static, Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and ballistic.

- The static technique involves a slow, gradual stretching of a muscle and its tendons to a point of mild discomfort, and then a slow return

- The Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation technique is superior against all other forms of stretching, but the technique is so complex a certified athletic trainer or physical therapist is required to do them properly.

- Ballistic stretching involves a repeated bouncing motion in which the muscle and tendons are stretched and returned rapidly, but due to a high risk of tearing a muscle the technique is no longer recommended.

- Of all the techniques the static is the most commonly used. If you wish to begin a program to improve your flexibility use the static technique and do it cautiously

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