Finding Yourself


Finding Yourself Essay, Research Paper

Finding Yourself

Hidden under every cloak, every item of clothing, and all makeup lies a body.

Under the skin of a body lies a soul, and a mind of thoughts. Reaching further we search

for where the thoughts were born.

As an embryo we are brought into this world, and raised by our creators. From

them we are taught life. Depending on our parents or whoever is raising us we become a

person, with thoughts, feelings, emotions, and ideas.

Looking deeper it becomes clear that all idea?s exist from aspects we have learned.

A single thought is also an embryo, born, and than created by it?s creator. Thoughts exist

from teachers and learning and so we are taught the limits humans have, and the

opportunities available, all of which exist only because they have been taught. Had the

first teacher of life said humans can walk on water, than today?s reality would find us

walking on water as a common means of travel.

Is it possible that reality is made of thoughts, goals, and than achievements? Years

ago when the first rocket took off from Earth astronaut?s were created. It was from a

thought that reality changed and allowed for space travel. A thought provokes change,

and further development for a race, but where did the thought develop?

Almost everything a child learns they are taught. The world becomes a movie to

watch and learn from, leaving parents and guardians to be the critic?s. Every child has the

choice to become any of the things it observes before him or her. My thought is what if

there are more possibilities, and opportunities a child can?t be thought because they

haven?t been invented yet, or rather the thought for them has not yet been developed.

Hidden within every child there is something new, some new reason for existence, that

cannot be found since they abide by what they are taught. For instance the idea that

babies can communicate between each other as well as being able to learn a number of

language would suggest massive brain power. If somehow we could extract in every

young mind ideas behind their active imagination, perhaps we would discover many things

we never really new.

Have you ever found that a young child sees the world with so much detail. For

example if you walk in a room with a child and adult allowing both of them to view the

room for a second, the child will tell you things in exact detail, while the adult tells only

the obvious paraphernalia!

The water is called water with what justification? A child is taught it is water, but

only as a word! Water sustains life, for without it, all life dies. It speaks as a person at

times laughing or crying, it has the power to drown life away, just as easily as it quenches

thirst. The world revolves around the water, so could it also be a teacher? The water can

teach the value of listening, of hearing more than words, of feeling sounds, of using ones

imagination and seeing anything in a reflection, of opening ones mind to love, and

emotion. A child may teach itself incredible things from something of so little meaning to

others. With this they begin to stray away from everyone, in a quest for finding


A struggle for the reason of the existence hovers as a thought within every

creature, it is a need to find ones purpose on earth. This is why the human race adapts and

evolves. Searching for more answers it awakens the soul within itself.

I believe that a thought can become reality, so by believing in walking on water, it

can happen. There are no limits!

I think that the human race adapts to change, and that the mind is exercised more

by each passing generation. Each generation adapts us more, thinks more thoughts, so

that we begin to evolve into the creature we have created in our thoughts. As our mind

opens up to the belief and thoughts of extraterrestrial beings, so does the reality of life. I

believe we can create and become the creatures we imagine, that people want less limits

(physical and mental) and the answer to this, is to become what has no limits!

From an ape comes man, from man comes the infinite being… All of which can

co-exist, the ape, the human, and the superior being, in a scheme of evolving through

thought. Where will evolution take us??

I have no proof that the words written are reality, however I have the thought, and

from that reality is born.


Siddartha, Hesse, herman.

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