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It was a hot and humid June day in Georgia; the kind of typical summer weather that leads to violent thunderstorms in the late afternoon. With the drought we had been experiencing, however, our last good rainfall was two months prior.

I was pushing the speed limit, and then some, as I barreled down the road. Even with the windows of my car fully down, the hot air smacked my face like the heat of an oven. I was late, and I hate being late, especially when I first meet people.

I was following the directions Amy had given me to her house, but when they called for me to turn off the main road onto a rutted dirt road, I hesitated. I stopped the car and did a double take between the directions and the street sign to make sure they were right. Everything looked okay, so I put up my windows, and proceeded down the dry dirt road at a much more leisurely pace, as to minimize the amount of dust I kicked up. I traveled down that road for about a mile, and when it curved to travel around a small lake, I saw what had to be her house. The only one on the road, cedar shingles, and a small pickup truck parked in the driveway.

As I parked my car behind the pickup, and made my way up to the front porch, I heard a dog barking from the backyard. When I rang the bell, a teenage boy in a bathing suit, and still wet and dripping, greeted me.

Is Amy here? I asked, but before he could reply, I heard I m up here quickly followed by her feet pounding down the stairs. She, too, looked like she had just finished swimming, wearing only a pair of shorts over her suit. Her hair was tied back attractively into a ponytail where the ends of it left a tiny rill of water down her shoulder.

Hi, She said breathlessly as she bounced to a halt in front of me. ready?

Sure. I replied.

Oh, this is my brother Tim. She turned and pointed to the boy who greeted me at the door, I do hope she likes you, and you her.

Me, too. I said, a little humbly.

She led me through her house and onto the back porch, where I saw her for the first time.

She had short auburn hair, her body was lean and athletic, and she had the coolest eyes I had ever seen. I could tell right off that she came from good breeding, so naturally it upset me when I noticed they had her on a chain living outside.

I guessed her breed to be a cross with a Labrador and a Rottweiler, especially when I observed her white markings: all four paws, across her chest, and an odd shaped diamond between her first two shoulder blades. Her muscle tone also spoke of a Rottweiler heritage.

I ended up taking her home that day. I really had no intention on taking her until I returned form my trip to Florida and New Jersey to visit my family. It just goes to show; you never know whom you may be taking home, even if you have only just met.

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