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The United States has been a super power for many years now. Will they continue to be so??? Part of this reason is that since gaining world leadership it has had an enormous impact in trading affairs.

To determine foreign policy factions with the most influence around contribute to determining what goes where as they are involved in business and moneymaking. Out of these are trade groups being the most important.

The nations partial success has been due to the fact that it preferably trades with the more stable countries. It?s economic stability has also depended on this. The less stable or underdeveloped the country, the more chance there?s violence and corruption, both not good signs for trading. There is politics in making foreign and defense policy, it flows through the same institutional and constitutional structures as domestic policy. Public opinion, interest groups, members of Congress, elections, separation of powers, and federalism all affect the politics of making foreign policy, yet these structures operate somewhat differently from the way they do in domestic affairs. Of course international organizations and foreign governments and their embassies also play an important role.

Although presidents share with congress the responsibility for making overall foreign policy decisions, the operations of this is directly under the president. They can bargain,

Negotiate, persuade, apply economic pressures, threaten and even use armed force.

Foreign policy has a number of strategies followed by government and as a major power an even steeper advantage over other countries. The united States regularly grants economic and military assistance in part for humanitarian reasons and to further good relations with other nations. Over 100 countries benefit from Americas good will, but there is a little more to it!!! 100 options leaves one satisfied I?d say.

The United States has frequently practiced the art of economic pressure in response by a nations unwillingness to abide by what we perceive to be international law or proper relations. The U.S and U.N embargo against Haiti in 1994 is a classic example of economic sanctions. The popularity of economic sanctions has waxed and waned over the years, yet it?s still an important weapon in the arsenal of diplomatic and foreign policy stategies.

When relations between nations become strained, diplomatic relations are sometimes broken as a means of political coercion. When the United States breaks diplomatic ties it greatly restricts tourist and business travel to a country and in effect curbs political as well as certain economic relations with a nation.

On top of everything the United States probably has a good looking future in trade with the rest of the world, due to it?s great relations through some of it?s stategies regarding foreign policy National Sovereignty will prevail for the United States of America.

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