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I think Fidel Castro is a better leader for Cuba instead of Batista.Fidel is still in power and currently now is still running Cuba.First Castro is well-liked by his people.Secondly Castro and his ability to help with communication.Lastly Castro has given the country alot of benefits that help the poor and many other people.

Two things about Cuba that was especially in Castro’s favor when he took power in 1959. One was its realitive small size which allowed him to keep inpersonal touch with everything of importance happening anywhere on the island. Castro is constantly on the road, he is usually without an intinerary, showing up at the most unexpected places. There are very few Cubans that don’t get to see Castro but, that usually only lasts for a year and they may see him agian. He genuinuely, loves to meet people , to talk to them and ask them questions and listen to thier complaints or he debates thier ideas. Fidel is known well as a person who is good in the field and he is simultaneously at work which gives the local workers a boost of morale, and to keep his subordinates on thier toes.

Castro has an advantage which was inherited which is Cubas, modern, fully developed, American-style mass comunications system.Today in Havana alone thier are still three t.v. and five radio stations, and every other large city has ample, well equipped facilities. The percapita disturbution of t.v. sets in Cuba is higher than in any other socialist nation( and it is far more superior to that of the Soviet Union and China). Thought the use of nationwide hookups Castro is able to convene the entire population whenever he there is a report to make or a new idea to put across, or in order to rally people to make some extra effort or sacrifice.

Since Castro came in to power, he has given for the first time in Cuba a government that is virtually free of corruption and abuse. He has destoryed gambling,and prosititution and he has abolished the use of position for personal priviledge, deep festors which Cuban society formally suffered with resignation. Fidel’s insistence that his associates continue to wear thier guerrilla uniforms and to live a comparatively spartan exsistence is a way of demonstrating that the leaders are at the service of the people.When people are recriuted as volunteers for cutting sugar cane they know that Fidel is also cutting sugar cane and he does it for about two weeks and working eight,ten,and sometimes twelve hours a day and everyone knows this. The Castro Revolution has insitituted sweeping social reforms which have given the masses, notably the peasants, many real benefits that they didn’t have before.Some are the agarian reform, the abolition of racial discrimination, free education and medical care for every citizen, and the building and staffing of hundreds of new schools and hospitals in the rural areas. A sucessful mass literacy campiagn has been followed by another drive to educate every citizen to at least to the sixth-grade.The peasants also now have a generally higher standard of living than before the Revolution.There is virtually no unemployment in the nation. In the cities, the Urban Reform Law has cut dwelling rentals to a fraction of a worker’s salary, and thousands of families now pay no rent at all. All of these were things that Castro has did for the people of Cuba.

I think that overall Fidel was a better leader than Batista becuse he was well liked and that is impotant.Even thought the economy was running better or more prosperous under Batista but, that was because of gambling and prostitution and nothing was done for the people and another is Batista liked the idea of foriegners building thier factories in Cuba while it was not liked by the people. Fidel did more for the people and the economy is starting to rise in Cuba under Fidel’s control.

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