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In all respect I’ve always had a fascination with becoming an F.B.I. agent. As my interest grow during my educational progression, I’m learning how my personal attributes with help me in my given field.

First of is the size of my physical build, which I believe will help me with any possible altercation I my encounter. My positive attitude toward life will also be helpful.

I also have a good decision making skills, with out letting let and kind of prejudice entering my mind. The reason I am so positive about this is I’ve had such a variety of friends. I’ve had friends of different races, ethnic background, and religious beliefs.

I’ve also have a vary strong emotional barrier due to all the tragedy I’ve gone though in my life. I’ve lost three of my closet friends in the last four years. Through all those years I was the person who was strong to help my entire friends threw our losses. When I get into the field all the knowledge I’ve acquired in my education will in all intent be useless. How do I know this you ask? Several people I know in several justice fields have told me that the real education comes in the field.

Their have several movies such as “The Siege”, Silence of the Lambs” witch have inspired me to follow in this possible life style. The T.V. show cops is the most instamental to me, due to the way they always explain how to dissolve every encounter, and what would happen to the perpetrator. These movies and T.V. shows give a positive outlook on my possible life in handling these issues.

I would not leave out the possibility of becoming a scout leader. The reason I think I could handle this job is because I’ve always had an attraction to teaching children.

I have been babysitting children for seven years, for my next-door neighbors and my aunt. Any other person besides their parents or me could always never control the three boys next door. Then there are my two cousins who were both girls. I always loved watching children; I just get along with them so well. I believe I could make a difference in their lives.

I would also not mind being a drug counselor. Like I stated earlier I have a very positive attitude and am very personable. I could handle trying to help people with a rehabilitation problem. I have had friends who’ve had drug problems, and after many hours and many days I’ve talked them into quitting. I’ve had friends who have done a variety of drugs from; pot, ecstasy, to acid. This has really meant a lot to me that they have quit, and all of this because I helped them.

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