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The fast food industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Fast food has been known to be a large area of investment involving food. Restaurants such as McDonald s and Burger King have been known for their popularity mostly from advertisements and are highly rated to be the trademarks for the fast food industry. Although part of the industry s functions is to sell their products, we [the consumers] play a large role in their profits to keep these restaurants in business. The question is is the responsibilities of both the consumer and the industries. Are the consumers or are the industries responsible for the ending means of the product?

Fast food restaurants, such as McDonald s, produce many advertisements to try to sell out their products. Many advertisements are geared toward children and people of all ages. Some advertisements may be false or appear too good to be true. Consumers may find the advertisements appealing, attracting them to the restaurant. A consumer will either be satisfied with the product or dislike the product for whatever personal reason. Fast food industries are out there to obtain money in any way, shapes, or form. This may include genetically altering the food, taking away its natural value. In other words, it is important that the industry takes the responsibility to give the consumer the best possible quality of the product as well as making sure the product is healthy and efficient for the consumer s health, well-being, and is worth the money paid for the product.

Consumers have the responsibility of choice. We each have the choice of deciding things for ourselves. Due to false, appealing advertisements consumers are mislead to the facts of the product. Consumers tend to take the benefit of the doubt and risk the chances of wasting their money or perhaps their health. At the same point, consumers know what is best from us when purchasing a product. We may not understand all the good qualities of the product but tend to purchase them for like popularity or for the way it looks.

As a consumer, I feel that the consumer has the choice of whether the product is worthy of purchasing. Consumers should take the time to study the product in a relevant manner to gain a better understanding of the product of perhaps the business producing it. However, I feel that it is the industry s responsibility to produce a good quality product that won t fail the consumer s expectations according to their advertisements.

Each day the fast food industry becomes more questionable. This controversial topic has become an every day issue. All is all; consumers need to be more aware of their purchases especially when it comes to their daily intake of food. Industries need to continue to feed the needs of the consumers to bring them back to their business in the future.

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