Fallen Angels


Fallen Angels Essay, Research Paper

September 15, 1967


“Peewee” -Gates

Richie “Perry”-main character, soldier

Judy Duncan-nurse

Lt. Wilson

Kenny-Perry’s brother



Lt. Carrol- Perry’s Lt.

Sg. Simpson- Sg. Of Perry’s squad

Captain Stewart

Chapter 1- Perry on flight to Vietnam. Meet Judy, they talk about the war. Meet Peewee who talks about killing Vietcong. Get to Vietnam go through the first day. Talk about the war.

Chapter 2- Perry/Peewee talk about why they are in the war. Talk about the country. Get orientation about country. Meet Jenkins.

Chapter 3- Going to Chu Lai. Go to Alpha company. Meet Johnson. Perry has medical profile, he shouldn’t be in Vietnam. Fly out to Alpha company in Helicopter. Meet Lt Carrol. Meet Simpson. Go patrolling. Scared of patrol. Get back and walk through a mine field, Jenkins killed by mine.

Chapter 4- thinking about Jenkins. Talking about the past. Capture a Cong. Go on a peacekeeping mission.Talking about bugs and life in general.

Chapter 5- Talking about the squad going to Hawaii. Sitting around bull *censored*ting. Have to go get Charlie company out of a fight. Reach spot. Nothing happens, they hear fighting.

Chapter 6- Perry scared of guard duty. Talk about movies. Filmed by TV crew. Took crew out on patrol. They get into a firefight with one VC.

Chapter 7- Report says they got three VC. They won a volleyball match. Perry got the *censored*s. Got sick real bad.

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