Fairy Tale


Fairy Tale Essay, Research Paper


Fairy Tale


Alice Thomas Ellis

Viking, 1996

Eloise: bored and wants someone to appreciate the value of her work and she wants a baby. She makes night-dresses and petticoats for a shop in town. She considers men to be brainless and only good for one thing. Simon and she moved into the woods because she got a lot of money from Max (Clare’s ex-husband). She moved into the woods to discover her spiritual roots. She likes neatness and having everything in order.

Simon: Eloise’s husband. Before they went into the depths of Wales (the woods) he was an ordinary, nice boy with a promising career, now he does woodwork. Rational.

Eloise & Simon: not compatible.

Clare: Eloise’s mom. Jewish.

Miriam: Clare’s oldest friend. Vodka drinker.

Moonbird: Spiritual (crystals, pyramids, hagging trees), New Age friend. Humans should be polite towards Nature. She’s fond of Native Americans.

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