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Since the dawn of man, fads have changed periodically from the lion skin butt-flap, to eating dinner in front of the television. Some have been huge successes and then others have been eye-throbbing disasters. For an inquisitive person, creating a trend can lead to a profitable business like Tommy Hilfiger, still there are the few exceptions. However, it is because of a natural media driven entertainment industry that trends are created and manufactured. Humans follow fads for several reasons, but can that become a problem? Many consider fads as an important part of life and believe it is impossible to live without them. Perhaps by understanding the reasons humans copy ideas, the conspiracy that surrounds fads will be unveiled.

The magazine “Self Esteem” published an article that rated the reasons why so many follow trends. Among the top rated reasons were the feelings of security, and popularity, but to make a statement was the number one reason that most of the people who were asked gave. Some of the top ranking psychiatric doctors around the world, attribute the well known success of fads to the confidence people gain when they are accepted by others. They stated that self-esteem is necessary to survive the pressures of the real world, and by just simply wearing the popular brand names, the emotional levels of fear decrease remarkably. Popularity plays a huge role with teenagers because by dying their hair and using Calvin Klein cologne, their friends double in number. Just recently, huge statements have been made by those whose popularity exceeds the common man. For example, when Bill Clinton brought the first dog into the White House, an enormous statement was made. In fact, according to the American SPCA, the after shock of that one event caused the dog versus cat ratio in homes to rise significantly. Nike has become the success they are today from just getting famous childhood idles to market their product on television and the basket-ball court for that instance. Whether or not Nike shoes make people soar through the air is still up for debate, but the fact that Michael Jordan wears the shoe makes all the difference. Industries with celebrities like Mike working for them could sell shoes with no laces and still make a profit. Another question asked frequently today is why do fads exist?

The existence of fads has been pondered since many people started following weird or fascinating ideas just because their peers were. This leads to a common interpretation, the world is full of followers and leaders are hard to find. That conclusion has been altered a little and it is now known that fads help express certain points of view. Several corporations, especially those in Europe depend on the natural human instinct to express opinions. Peering into the textile’s category of trends, there is no doubt that if trends didn’t exist in fashion, economies throughout Europe would go bankrupt. This would add to a simple problem, thousands of gifted designers are suddenly begging for quarters with the rest of the guitar players on the sidewalk. Considering these facts, the quote “To live without fads, would make the world an undesirable place to live” made by Jonathan Peerson (a designer for the “Jessica” clothes line), makes those realize just how discontent this world would be without fads. Although the problems that arise from those who want the fad but can’t afford it, strengthens the point made by most of the critics of fads, “Fads are a serious problem invisible to the naked eye.” Assuming the identity of a thief in the night, problems can arise almost unexpectedly into a serious uproar. The BCTV evening news reported that vicious gang beatings and robberies went up 35% in the months of July and August. However they neglected to acknowledge the fact that most of those beating occurred just because people who were less fortunate, went to desperate measures to obtain the popular object. In developed cities like New York and L.A., car robberies occur every day. According to CNN affiliates, “thieves no longer want to steal the Honda from John Smith, instead they’d rather steal the Mercedes from a rich business man.” Police figure that it is due to the enormous resale value of a Mercedes, which lead gangs into committing such a crime. Problem due to fads are not just reserved for the rich. Lately, the stress levels for parents of the children who can’t afford the popular item is surpassing the dangerous limit. In some cases, the diffusion of fads is not always tangible, one of the many reasons why fads are opposed to begin with is because they create different social classes. Just by reviewing the disastrous effects caused by the segneurial system in Europe, social classes should be the last thing that Canada needs. After all the presented facts, the expansion of trends must clearly be carefully observed.

Fads possess an overwhelming power over most humans, in fact it is almost impossible to live without them. Due to the enormous media driven entertainment industry it has become harder to resist trends. One perspective is that as long as there is freedom, there will always be fads. Although for those on the creating end, fads are a very profitable business. Creating excitement and giving the life to a town or person who before thought they had nothing to offer the world, fads provide well-paying jobs. The challenge to create something that will be a success and not a brain-throbbing disaster is what keeps the oxygen flowing through the blood cells of the designers. Through the process of trial and error, fads stay alive and ever changing.

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