Facts Of Life


Facts Of Life: “Existence Is Truth” Essay, Research Paper

The Facts of Life

“Existence is Truth”

Everything we know of is the third dimension, and its properties. Everything is composed of atoms, and atoms are composed of smaller particles. All particles are threedimensional because they have the dimension of height, the dimension of width, and the dimension of depth. Air is composed of particles in a low state of density, water is composed of particles in a more dense state, and physical objects are composed of particles in a high state of density. This universal sea of particles in different states of density, is the third dimension.

The third dimension exists because from all of the infinite possibilities only it could exist. Fourth or higher dimensions cannot exist because a space cannot be overfilled, in the same way that two separate three-dimensional objects cannot occupy the same space. A zero dimension, or nothingness, cannot exist, because there must be something for there to be an existence, and subsequently, there must be a dimension. The first and second dimension lack existence on one or two levels and therefore exhibit the properties of nothingness, and, as such, they cannot exist. Consequently, everything, which is infinity, must be three-dimensional.

While some things, such as time, appear to be other than three-dimensional, they are in fact nothing more than elements of the third dimension. Time is not a dimension, but simply a property of the continuing change, in the third dimension, caused by the interaction of objects in the third dimension which constantly moves forward from the state the objects are in to their new state of existence. This forward motion, which is simply a phenomenon of the third dimension, is measured by man through designations such as minutes, hours, days, and years.

Since everything must be three dimensional, the third dimension must be infinite. Therefore, if one travels away from earth, in any direction, they will always be able to continue traveling further. There is no end to either the largeness or future of the third dimension since only it can, and therefore only it will, always exist. There is no beginning since only the third dimension could exist and therefore always did exist. Subsequently, Humanity’s creator is nothing more than what could, and what always did exist, the third dimension. As part of the third dimension’s infinity, humans became one of the infinite combinations therein.

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