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Exemplification-Eatings Habits Essay, Research Paper

Wouldn t it be nice to know from the beginning of a relationship what someone was like? If your answer is yes, then take them out to dinner. What a person wears and how they eat reveals a lot about their personality.

How someone dresses shows how well developed their social skills are, and it also shows if they just plain lack any form of common sense. If someone is told they are going to be attending a formal restaurant and they show up in jeans, it s a good sign they don t get out much. Also, if someone shows up in a tuxedo to go grab a pizza it shows that they probably get out even less. A person who comes not only dressed for the occasion but also neatly shows that they care about their appearance. This type of person tends to be more socially experienced. A well-dressed person is someone who has common sense and life experience; a poorly-dressed person either doesn t care or doesn t know to. If you look for the signs you can establish from the very beginning hints of someone s personality.

The way a person dines can reveal a lot about how they are with people. A person who plays with their food and creates designs on their plate is actually very playful and great with children. If he or she eats the side dishes first and saves the savory steak for last that person most likely is self-centered and more concerned about their own needs. People who mush their food are dependent on others and look for someone to take care of them. A person who eats every last crumb and then reaches over to neighboring plates shows a total lack of self-control (and possibly an eating disorder). Paying close attention to a person’s eating habits can tell a lot about them.

I always use these signs when out on a first date with someone. My last girlfriend (who shall remain nameless) dressed very awkwardly. Her clothes wouldn t match on a regular basis and she repeatedly wore the same clothes over and over again. She turned out to be quite a nuisance. The way she was in social groups was much like she dressed. She never wanted to be in a group of people and she would attempt to make me feel the same way. Also, her eating habits tended to be a little compulsive. She would place her food the exact same way each time when finished she would always wipe her hands with hand gel and chew a piece of Winterfresh gum. These habits reflected the way her life was. She had to do everything a certain way her way. My experiences, thankfully, are not all bad. My current girlfriend not only dresses well, but she has excellent table manners. In social situations she shows no shyness, but rather is quite outgoing. She also seems to have her life in order.

Taking a person to dinner can help you find out a lot about them. A well-dressed person with good table manners could be a good friend, while someone who is dressed in rags and holds his or her fork with a foot might be someone you would rather keep away from. How people display themselves in their choice of clothing and table manners shows a lot about that person s personality.

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