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A Speech To The Kansas Board Of Education

Monica, as I told you this paper is a mock speech being made by a student to the Kansas Board of Education. The speech is being made by a soon to graduate high-school senior who is reflecting on his education and speaking specifically of his views of the implication of not teaching evolution in school.

My dearest sirs and madams,

In less then two months I will walk down the aisle of Lawrence High School s auditorium to receive a degree symbolizing my academic achievements over the previous four years. The exact effect the aforementioned four years have yet to show their true significance on my personal being, thus all that is said from here on out is purely speculation.

I am proud to be an impending recipient of a high-school degree. The degree in and of itself is simple looking, but it s magnitude is far greater then a simple piece of paper. It s true magnitude stands behind the doors it has opened for me, such as those of opportunities to attend universities, or receiving a job which was previously unattainable, and the like. But beyond the attainable facets, their lies an impressive social stature the degree has allowed me to attain. An ancient saying goes something like; you can lose all your possessions in your life, but your education can never be taken from you. The proposition of that statement sheds education in a whole new light. No longer do we have to think of education as something to be achieved, or as something that can be used as a vehicle to get us from one place on the human spectrum to another. No, we can now look at education as a very rich human experience. A blessing that is granted to us, and unfortunately, far too often under appreciated.

And now we stand struggling to understand the reason that education is being balked at, and as reasonable human beings I believe it is time to examine ourselves instead of pointing fingers. Perhaps the greatest downfall of education is that of society. We are living in a nation of control, censorship, desperately seeking answers in a world that is increasingly more complex. Our yearning to keep certain things in check and others not, leads to a flawed rationalization system. After all, is it really fair to tell the majority what the minority feels to be important? The response of justification by means of experience and age, no longer fits our states belief system. The reason is simple, we are tied intricately to a nation of states, and a substantial number of our students will later explore these states, whether in work or further pursuit of academic achievement. The Board of Education in this great state of Kansas has the obligation to promote diversity of students, wellness of knowledge, and interpersonal skills at the highest degree conceivable, so that our students are well prepared to enter the world ahead of them. And we as students and taxpayers have the right to seek the same education of our fellow peers nation wide.

In short, the goal of education is to better enhance one s perspective and appreciation of the world around them. I said at the beginning of my speech that all that would follow would be pure speculation, and how beautiful is that in and of itself? Perhaps the highest form of education is being able to draw on speculation, to be able to explore freely the hypotheses that speculation instigate, and to have the liberty to wear what fits you best. My dearest sirs and madams, by taking away the hypothesis of evolution and putting a focus on creationism, you are taking away our liberty. You are hindering our education, and you are not only hurting us as students, but also the great state of Kansas. I strongly urge you to take that into consideration before continuing with your plan to decide what is appropriate learning and what is not.

I thank you for your time and wish you all the best of luck in your impending decision, may the higher power see us through this highly debated issue and bring us to a place most beneficial for all.

John Doe

Lawrence High Class of 2001

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