Evaluation Of My Role In


Evaluation Of My Role In "The Admirable Crichton" Essay, Research Paper

In this play I played the role of Lord Loam.? An old man in his early 70’s with little

clue of how to survive in the real world.?

?????? When

we had rehearsals for the play I wanted a good part.? When I found out I was too play an old man I tried very hard to

put on the voice of an old man.? As this

was set in the period of the early 20th century, I knew it had to be

a posh sounding voice.? This put a bit

of stress on my voice, but I knew I would get used to it.? The genre of the play was a fantasy

comedy.? There were a lot of fantastical

elements to this play.? For instance in

act four when Lord Loam and Lady Mary were looking back at their experiences on

the island.? There was a lighting change

to signify a change in mood.? During the

play we did several improvisation exercices to get ourselves into character and

really feel exactly how we should act.?

As an aristocrat, I had to learn to walk and sit more upright.? They felt dominant to the servants and all

the aristocrats had to show this by looking upon them like they has just

crawled out of a sewer.? Although my

character Lord Loam, didn?t feel this at all.?

He was all for equality and wanted the aristocrats and servants to get

along.? But this is not how anyone else

felt.? The servants didn?t feel

comfortable being served and socialising with the aristocrats.? And the aristocrats felt disgusted about

serving the servants tea, and the thought of even talking to them disgusted

them.? This was obvious too see, as you

could see the frowns on all their faces and the fake smiles. ?????? This

is how my character developed throughout the play.? The movement of my character had to be very energetic, yet slow

and pondering.? I had to seem like I was

slightly hunched in appearance to portray the age of Lord Loam, who was around

seventy years old.? I had to be

energetic in Act 1 because I had to make it look like I was enthusiastic about

the whole equality situation.? My

character is the only one who can bring true energy into the Act because

everyone else is totally against my ways.?

I use my hands a lot.? I am very

confident in Act 1 and I show this by waving my hands frantically a lot to make

me look busy.? My posture when in my

formal costume has to be fairly upright, but with a slight hunch.? But when I am on the island, I am much more

hunched, not so tense, so this is more my normal posture, because I feel

comfortable on the island.? In the early

rehearsals my voice was not as good as it should be. ?Maybe because I was embarrassed to experiment.? I was not putting on a huskier voice like I

should have been.? But in the final few

weeks of rehearsals I put on my voice, as I knew I had to start talking in an

old mans accent.? Earlier on in the play

my timing of coming on and off was always too slow, on account of I didn?t know

the play as much as I should have.? I

didn?t learn the cues of other people so I knew when to come on.? Throughout the earlier rehearsals,

everyone’s timing was slightly off cue, but we all worked on this and when we

knew the text well, we pulled this off easily.?

When I knew the text, I found it so much easier to get into

character.? I find that I need the

confidence first to really express the character properly.? When I have confidence it gives me the

license to experiment with my own character and that is when most of my

development of Load Loam took place. ?????? In the

final rehearsals, we all had to work on our pace of everything we did, because

the play was overrunning.? But in our

next rehearsal we did very much better and sped the play up a lot.? The costume made me get into my character

much more because I did feel slightly restricted.? We all looked very different and this made me feel much more

comfortable.? My make-up helped a lot to

make me act more like an old man, because it made me look very much older.? So it really encouraged me to look and act

older.? I want to play my character

badly, so it really transformed my development as a character I felt.? We had to make slight positional changes at

the last minute due to lighting and sound.?

This was not much of a problem and was organised within one rehearsal. ?????? My own

performance I felt was very good, and in the last few weeks of the production I

really felt involved in my character and knew how I should play him.? Other character such as Ernest and Lady Mary

helped me and gave me some tips along the way and they were very

worthwhile.? I felt that Lady

Brockelhurst played her character superbly, as I knew how hard it was to play

someone 50 years older.? I think I could

have done better in some parts of the play.?

When I went into my own fantastical world, I could have gone more over

the top I felt.? I felt all the servants

did a very good job of getting into character and certainly made my part easier

to play in Act 1 because you could see they were all very rigid and

uncomfortable, and I could feel that and I could respond appropriately. ??????? ??????

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