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There are many people in the world today that want their lives to end in a certain way. Some want to fulfill a dream or do something they weren t able to do before; yet there are some people who want to feel like they have done something for others which have helped another person in there live today. I want my life to end knowing that I too have done something to help others by either giving an organ to someone who might die if they don t get what they need or saving someone life by being kind and giving them things.

I want my moral character to be fully human, loving, and virtuous. First of all, I want to achieve my goal of being a fully human being. To have full humanity we can t just treat it as it were money and put it away somewhere, we have to see it as a gift that must be nurtured and developed. Second, I want to be able to reach out to other people, love them even though I might not know them, and even care for them so they might get better. I want them to feel like they still have someone who cares for them and will be able to count on me when they need me. Finally I want to have virtuous habits. I want to have the affections, attitudes, and beliefs that will lead to my fulfillment.

There are two virtues that I would like to have and they are, prudence and justice. Prudence isn t looked at like a caution but in some particular circumstances it is favored. When ever I want to go out with my friends and my chores aren t done, I know that if I don t do them my parents might get mad at me, but I ll still go out because I think that there might be a good chance I can get home before they do so I will be able to finish my chores. If I would only read the situation more carefully I would know that once I get them done I won t have to worry about getting in trouble and I could still go out. Plus if it is a decision that I can t make on my own I could always ask my neighbors and see what they would do in the situation. The second virtue that I would like to have is Justice. The reason for this is because it has to do with our rights and our duties. We should be involved in relationships but in order to do that we need to understand and feel close to the other person we want to be with. We should strive to insure the well being of our self and the well being of others. Justice occurs when rights are fulfilled or ensured. I, like many people, feel that when we first hear the word Rights we think of the rules that we are suppose to live by. That is not entirely true; see rights are what the community and I must have to reach out goals. We all want something and in order to get it we must work until we are at the point where we feel we no longer need to work anymore because we have reached our goal.

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