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In life change is inevitable, in novels it is a way of life. All of the

characters in., Ethan Frome change in one way or another, From Ethan Falling in

love with Mattie, to him starting to shave every morning. These changes from the

minor ones to the major ones all play a large part in the story. Another change

that happens in the story is Ethan’s opinion about the gravestone, It goes from

him thinking that he will never escape to him pondering would him and Mattie be

buried next to each other. One of the biggest examples of change in the story is

Ethan falling in love with Mattie. This is a big change because he is already

married to Zeena. The marriage to Zeena is simply a marriage of convenience. It

isn’t a love marriage and He is starting to fall in love with Mattie. Since

Mattie Came to stay with Zeena And Ethan Has Change quite a bit for the better.

Zeena and Mattie both Change Ethan in different, Mattie who Ethan is falling in

love with changes Ethan in a positive manner, While Zeena Who he is married to

Changes him in a more negative matter. Zeena Who always has a negative attitude

has probably age Ethan more than the winters and the smash up put together, but

since Mattie came Ethan is starting to act nicer and as if he were younger.

Where as Zeena Locked Ethan out just because "she was feeling to mean to

sleep" Mattie cares about Ethan and actually talks to him. Another

noticeable change in Ethan Frome is His opinion of the gravestones. This changes

dramatically from The beginning of the novel to the part that I’m on now. In the

beginning of the novel these tombstones are like a constant reminder that no one

in his family was able to make it out of that town and he wouldn’t make it out

either. Now in the middle of the story He looks at the tombstone and wonders

what it would be like when he died if he was with Mattie and buried right next

to her. He is looking forward to is life ever since Mattie Moved in with them.

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