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In the movie The Matrix , there is a character by the name of Neo. Neo is pulled from the world he knows and is trust into the real one. After being shown what the matrix is, he goes on a quest to find truth and meaning in a world of lies and corruption. Neo is an epic hero because he has been chosen to fight an evil force and because he is brave.

Neo is an epic hero partially because he is brave. In the beginning of the movie, he is pulled from his world and put into another. He is forced to face challenges and meet them head on with all his strength. He also has to adapt to the new world. He is also brave because he ventured into the face of death to save a friend. With Trinity, he went up against God-like men ( Agents ), all to save the life of an comrade. With the help of a V-2 Helicopter, they were eventually able to rescue Morpheus. Weather its saving a friend or facing new challenges, Neo is very brave.

Another reason why Neo is an epic hero is because he was chosen to fight a war against an evil, world-dominating force. The matrix itself is a virtual dream world where people live out there lives, but at the end are harvested and used as an energy source. He is trying to stop this evil and return the world to a normal state where it is not dominated by machines. In the movie, Neo is described by Morpheus as the one . By being the one , Neo has the ability to change and re-arrange the matrix as he sees fit. He uses these powers to try and stop the matrix, and bring the truth to the people who have been living in this dream world .

In conclusion, Neo is an epic hero that came right out of the blue. Being the one I mean an epic hero came with a lot of new responsibilities for Neo, and he meet them with great strife. Along with his companions, Neo was able to overcome a great force of machines and back-stabbing, greedy men.

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