Enzyme Coursework Checklist


Enzyme Coursework Checklist Essay, Research Paper

Introduction. Have you answered these questions?

·What is an enzyme? (Lock and key)

·What is a Catalyse and what jobs does it do?

·What are the propitiates of enzymes? Prediction. Have you answered these questions?

·How do you think temperature effects enzymes?

·Why? Explain how temperature affects enzymes Method. Have you included?


·Equipment list

·Ho to do the experiment

·How it is a fair test

·What safety precautions are you going to take

·What measurements you used and how you got them Graphs. Have you?

·A line plotted for each temperature (should have 5 lines)

·A rate of reaction graph drawn

·A title on each graph

·All axes labelled and numbered

·Lines of best fit Conclusion. Have you?

·Described the patterns in your results?

·Compared your results with your prediction?

·Have you used scientific ideas or made models to explain your results? Evaluation.

·Are there any results that never fitted into the general pattern?

·How could you have improved your experiment?

·What other investigations could you have done?

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