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There are many problems with the ecosystem, but endangered animals have to be the worst one. Many animals are killed for their ivory, or whatever it is they need from the animal that seems to be so important, or they are left to die. I think that poachers should be executed, unless they use all of the parts of the animal, and use them for a good use. I?m just sick of these reports on the news saying that poachers killed many animals in Africa. There must be some way to create peace between poachers and animals.

Many poachers aim toward killing the animals for their goods that they provide. But what they don?t know is that they?re wasting the rest of the parts. Or they will paralyze the animal in some way, and take the good that is most important and let it suffer and die. They could at least kill it and put it out of its misery, but they are greedy, and all they care about is their share. I am very happy about the animal guards that make sure there is no poaching going on. I hope they keep this up, because it is really working.

There should be a law against poaching, where if you kill an animal, and you use as many parts of it as possible that it is legal, but if you use less than 3 parts of it, you are executed. This is totally fair, because animals are exactly like us, only they can?t speak our language, and we?re more civilized. If someone thinks this is not fair, then they are saying it is right to go and kill a human without being executed. I don?t think that there is a way to win me in this argument to change animal rights.

All the reports on the news that are all about animals being killed are making me sick, and they need to do something about it, and not just display it for the public to just listen. And get up off of their fat buts and help out with the fight to save animals. I?m sure that if the government has time to screw around with the whole Bill Clinton thing, then they have time to do something about saving endangered animals.

There must be some way to create peace between the animals and us. Because if we don?t create peace, then we?ll create death and violence, and suffering. People say they were attacked by dogs, and the dogs turn out to be really nice, and not with rabies. The reason why the dog attacked that person was probably because the person was hitting it, or teasing it. Those kinds of people need to lay off and get a life. AND STOP KILLING THE ANIMALS!

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