End Of Time


End Of Time Essay, Research Paper

End of Time

I cannot find a way around,

Searching high but falling low,

Fighting where the soul won’t go.

In the world, a corrupted ghost,

Hoping for his deadly most,

Tears away the golden views,

As golden dreams are shattered too.

The ghosts tell stories of all who came -

Dead, alive, blind, and lame.

What he said I did not like,

An unearthly hand will destroy the night,

Killing all with demonic might.

Down the tunnel of the soul,

Broken bones and blackened blood

Consume the land and all who roam,

Ripping apart these earthly places

As the tears run from their faces.

Their faces are bruised and blackened beat,

Skin scourged

From the heat.

Gnashing teeth and thrashing claws,

Ripping the children with their paws.

The eyes are red and soaked with pain.

No hope, all lost,

Nothing remains.

The worlds are turned, amidst, betwixt,

Man’s positions are surely switched -

The blind can see the shadowed truth,

The lame can walk the righteous path,

The only able to flee

This hateful, demonic wrath.

The weak have power,

The ability to kill.

The heartless shall finally feel.

The dead come back to fight for pride,

Rolling in with the flaming tide.

The alive shall perish among the rubble,

Unless their hearts do truly humble.

The rest shall walk in endless vain,

Troubled by fear, destroyed by pain.

To the end the war shall toil,

Unless the evil, we do uncoil.

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