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End It do not *censored* around. In just over a year of existence they’ve recorded 10 original songs, 2 covers and put out an intense CD. They waste no time musically, either; the record is a 29-minute ride through Hell. This is Metal without the pretense, without the pretty acoustic interludes, extended solos, and melodic vocals. Pure metallic aggression distilled into songs that never last longer than 3 and a half minutes.

There’s not really much else to say. This is heavy, fast, mean and lean. It doesn’t feel short, because it’s so intense. While it does not come together like a real album and feels more like a collection of well-recorded demos it does bode very well. Not many bands can make me care about “metal” anymore. End It make me think Metal isn’t a dead idea dominated by people who think it’s about image and perfectionism.

End It reminds me of the kind of metal I listened to as a kid. It reminds me of Slayer, Anthrax, Exodus, Vio-Lence, and Metallica if they’d taken everything they did and jammed it into shorter songs. That and both live and on record they sound like a band that truly is about ass-kicking-leave-no-witnesses-metal. End It are interested in beating you about the head with riffs, beats and abrasive vocals, not showing you of their roots in jazz and classical music.

Also of note is the actual sound of the guitar and drums. The drums sound real and untriggered; none of this “death metal so fast it doesn’t sound humanly possible” crap. The guitar has a nice tube warmth, and when I saw them live Gabe was using an Orange amp. It definitely sounded good live.

Note: This CD includes the entire Keep Swingin’ demo reviewed previously. It also includes the songs included on the first demo Six Songs, (three or which were also on Keep Swingin’).


01. Drink To The Ruined

02. Skull Issues

03. Out Of Hand

04. Incomplete

05. Corpse Parade

06. Funeral For A Friend

07. Get It Done

08. Take Cover

09. Better Than god

10. Already Dead

11. Nightmare

12. Three Years

Link: End It

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