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People certainly seem to be very absorbed in living life well, entirely absent-minded towards our natural environment?s deterioration. This subject should have more of an outstanding effect on them considering pollution is a major issue in our lives.

As industrialization progresses, the balance of our ecosystem is disrupted through different contaminants in the air. The majority of these pollutants arise from smoke stacks, refineries, big trucks, and buses. These factors represent two-thirds of the smog in the ten major cities in America, and automobile and light truck emissions are less than one-third of these pollutants. The number of miles traveled has more or less doubled since the first attempt to lessen the discharge of emission waste. Since 1970, efforts by the government and industry have greatly reduced vehicle emissions. One method to control air pollution is the automobile emissions test. This standardized analysis of the gas exhaust is a small portion of aid when considering the amount of dirty air in the environment, as well as many other programs that share a larger amount of the concern. In this society of rising automobile rates, the small amount of difference that this source contributes is a persistent way of cleaning up part of the filth that human beings have no choice in doing but to inhale into our lungs and eventually have circulate through our system.

There should be stricter laws against tampering with the parts of a vehicle?s exhaust system. The administering of the emissions test is worthless if not given in the correct manner, or even at all. This lack of consideration regarding the elimination of the contaminants in the atmosphere makes no sense when these emissions testing sites are put there to do such a deed. Small businesses perform the majority of these tests because they are in fact cheaper than the major corporations that people would think charge an arm and a leg to do the service. The owners of these shops do not necessarily care if the vehicles that visit them pass the test or not because they give their customers the choice of paying a slightly higher rate to dismiss the problem. Why do these vehicle owners seem to have no time to go elsewhere and have the problems fixed after the service is performed? Obviously there is the issue of greed in this matter that the owners of the stores want to gain a little cash instead of taking care of our environment. Why do these people go unpunished when we could have a firmer restriction against these types of situations?

Human beings strive to live healthy and prosperous. The latter of these two ambitions certainly leads us to the issue that has brought forth the subject of air pollution. Wealth is considered a hidden goal that we have worked towards all our lives, always having been told to succeed. Very few people, it seems, view the environment as the cherished possession that it is. I feel society is a large portion of the blame for the negligence to be aware of our surroundings and the lack of desire to keep this place better off for our future dwellers. The reason why do people not come together and participate in the aid to rid the environment from these many pollutants that have so long been a dilemma with ecologists as well as others, is beyond me. Self- involvement and greed are important factors in the air pollution issue that

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