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Email And Standard Mail Essay, Research Paper

Technology has brought us new advantages with e-mail today. Many people prefer electronic mail rather than postal mail now because it is much simpler and easier to use. The ease of delivery is satisfactory, and there are even some services that are free. Revolutionary changes occur when new advances in e-mail are made. E-mail is more efficient than standard mail because it is more reliable.

E-mails are sent much faster than postal mail today. An email doesn?t need to go through the post office system in order to arrive at its destination. Emails can be sent from almost anywhere, while a letter needs to be brought to a mailbox or post office. Inboxes help keep emails much more organized. A letter needs an envelope and stamp before it is sent. An email doesn?t need anything but content. It can be received in as little as two minutes. Emails are faster, making it more reliable.

Emails can be a better source of communication with friends, relatives, and co-workers. Emails can be used to stay in touch with those who are distant from us. Writing emails is good for staying in touch if you?re a busy person. It doesn?t need to be a whole long formal letter. Pictures and online greetings can be sent in emails. Sometimes some emails aren?t received because they get lost. Some email accounts are even hacked into by computer hackers.

Emails can be the best way of communication and reliability, but to the computer illiterate, it can be tiring and troublesome. And if you?re not too careful, you make get hacked into or even acquire a computer virus.

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