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Long before the beginnings of recorded history, the inhabitants of the American continent developed cultural tradition sand social organizations that formed the core of education for successive generations Education served to unite the generations and to define one s place among the people. (Urban, Wagoner 11). Over the course of the years, education has continually changed with the times and increased their standards of living.

There has been a concern for some time now regarding the quality of education due to the lowered standards and expectation of today s students. I agree with Finn, that whatever may be wrong is that fault of the larger society but it is not solely the fault of the larger society (Noll 169). This fault exists in the public school system as well. Studies show that U.S. Students placed 19th our of 21 developed nations in math and 16th out of 21 in science. Our advanced students did even worse scoring dead last in physics. This evidence suggests that, compared to the rest of the industrialized world, our students lag seriously in critical subjects vital to our future. It is not enough just to try to fix the schools. They, along with society, must be restructured. The future of the public school system in America today is important in our country s overall success.

One issue that we must deal with constantly throughout our lives is competition. In the competitive world of the 21st century, the education of America s youth is deteriorating and we must not let it do so. The major political goal of public school is educating future citizens and political leaders. Educating citizens encompasses a range of concerns, including having all citizen s share the same political values and teaching obedience to the law. Most modern governments use public schools to educate future citizens. (Spring 6). More responsibility should be placed on schools because of greater diversity in classrooms languages, preparedness, motivation, and the dynamics of the future workplace all play a fundamental role.

Schools must assume more responsibility because of increasing enrollment as well. Because of enhanced enrollment and technological advances, there is more material that needs to be taught if students are to be competitive and productive in the future job market. Since the population has expanded in the public school system, there is a need for an increase in learning structures and progression in curriculum, including an increase in funding, staff, and resources.

Schools need to take on the role of educator, by teaching kids basic social skills as well. They must learn to teach tolerance towards lesbians and gays and integrate teachings on sexuality in the classroom. Socialization skills – what students learn from interacting with other students – are imperative in the teaching process. They will provide a basic foundation for a model citizen and overall enhance the students well-being.

A learning society and lifelong learning are essential parts of global educational systems. Both concepts assume a world of constant technological change, which will require workers to continually update their skills. This assumption means that schools will be required to teach students how to learn so that they can continue learning throughout their lives. (Spring 19). School systems need to incorporate this global learning process into the classroom to further increase the educational standards of students.

American schools are currently failing to provide students with an adequate education. Many public school facilities are out of date, under funded, and not prepared enough to handle the growing student population and the advent of modern technology in the classroom. This problem will not just go away. In order to fix this problem and improve education in today s society, there must be a drastic change in the system itself and throughout society. Action is desperately needed. To achieve the quality of education that society will demand, the government will have to reinvent the system of public schools, and fast!

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