Educational Politics


Educational Politics Essay, Research Paper

Expanded Lesson Plan


Teaching Objective:

The student will be able to state how to get someone elected to a political office.

Teaching Method:

What: What to do to be ready and organized to take the plunge into an educational political position in your community. How: We have to go from the first step to being elected. When to run: Timing is everything when running for political, educational positions. Not yet mentioned but the most important element in this equation is “Why”. From the pragmatic point of view, we would want to have an effect on the educational system because we are motivated to give and get the best out of the student and the teacher so the community will be the ultimate beneficiary. The teaching methods I choose to use are whole class method and cooperative learning group styles and cognitive questioning to create critical thinking to create a successful conclusion. The minimum age for voting is eighteen years of age.

Student Behavior:

The plan is to get the whole class involved in so they can not only know how to accomplish the goal but also be able to participate freely in a real situation where there are real people being elected to office. Thus this can be a cooperative learning experience so if and when they so choose to run or have someone else run for office they will be adequately prepared to do so.


The teacher, classroom, and myself will be able to evaluate the success or failure of this simulated plan to elect someone to an educational office in order to make a difference in how school is taught and be given the opportunity to improve it for the better. It will also open the eyes of those who are less than familiar with the local election system and the offices in the education field available to be filled.


The only materials are going to be this outline and the rest of the report will be completed by questions and answers.


Involve the whole class in a discussion so they can learn how to run for office or be able to help promote someone that so chooses to be elected to an educational political office.


From experience in the field of running for political offices, which includes several offices: U. S. Congress in Washington, district 2; Mayor for Yuma, Arizona; and for Supervisor District One. None were successful, but it showed that with enough grass roots level support is possible to succeed.

Nico Max DeGroot

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