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In today’s society a college education is an essential part of pursuing a career. While in college a

person can determine his strengths and weaknesses in whatever path he decides to take in life. A college

education is also the first step in being self-sufficient and living by yourself. College life also gives a

person a chance to express his ingenious and creative abilities and to supplement the skills that he learned

in high school. City University will give me an unprecedented opportunity to achieve

these goals and to reach a new plateau in my scholarly studies.

In my life I plan to pursue a career in the aerospace field. To get a job in this field one needs a

college education and City University fits the bill. Its curriculum and accomplished

professors will give me the chance to achieve my goal. Each of the independent colleges of the university

system is highly specialized and particular to its own field of training. This will help applicants like me

concentrate on my specific career path. I have visited the university campus twice and each time I have

been impressed by the devotion of the faculty to ensure that the student’s educational needs are met and

surpassed. I perceive that the university is concerned about the educational well-being of its students.

This is exemplified by the abundant tutoring opportunities that the university offers. Not only is the staff

exceptional, City University has phenomenal technology.

City University is on the cutting edge of technology which is indispensable in the

aerospace field. The EOS computing environment is a substructure for building a bridge to the future.

This system will give me many opportunities to use its resources to intensify my skills while pursuing my

occupation. Having access to millions of computers all over the world, with the information I need at my

fingertips will propel me to a higher level of intellectual aptness. The immense number of computer

clusters available at the university enables a student to arm himself with the knowledge needed to aid him

in any project or endeavor that he may attempt.

In conclusion, City University would be the ideal institution to pursue my dreams

and ambitions to become an aerospace engineer. It goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that

its students become useful members of society. As I commence my journey into independent life City University

will be my guide making sure that I follow the right track into the future.

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