East Of Eden


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East Of Eden

When a person is rejected they form a resentment towards others.

This resentment forms anger. “And with rejection comes anger”(steinbeck, p.

355) This is a way rejection leads to anger. Resentment can start at an early

age and never go away. Cathy was rejected as a child and then she grew up

with resentment in her creating evil. The resentment never went away so the

evil just built up. This is a step in the direction of crime and guilt.

Revenge is pursued when a person is rejected by others. With revenge

comes more evil and crime. “I am sure my self that there would be fewer

jails”(Steinbeck p.355) Revenge causes people to do bad things which gets

them into trouble. When revenge takes over the person becomes obsessed

and they tend to go physco.” I think that if rejection could be amputated, the

human would not be who he is. Maybe there would be fewer crazy

people”(Steinbeck p.355) The people are crazy becasue they have been

rejected and obsessed with revenge. This revenge just manifests to crime and

more evil.

After anger and revenge the person commits crime and goes crazy they

then go through guilt. Guilt comes after the person is obsses with revenge.

“One, child refused the love he craves, kicks the cat and hides his secret

guilt:.(Steinbeck p.355) Guilt builds up and then hidden which only causes

more problems. Guilt is natural and is human nature but can be

controlled.”And with crime guilt, and there is the story of

mankind”.(Steinbeck p.355) After anger comes the revenge which leads to

crime and then after the crime guilt sets in.

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