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The hardest thing a child or an adult can ever experience, which happens to be a fact is to be labeled by society as an ? ILLITERATE?. This misconception comes about a pre-judged opinion by society, who think themselves capable of classifying people, by either their looks, their money, or their power. I can sincerely say we need to realize that these ?Special People? need our help and understanding as unfortunately in the philippines, we do not have the proper educational facilities nor professional training necessary to give them a chance to live a normal life. They are crying for help, and as christians we should do everything in our human power to extend a helping hand.

Its not their fault that they were born with this kind of deffeciency, in other countries especially the United States they have funding from different government agencies to help them overcome their dissabilities.

With this paper I hope that questions like what is Dyslexia? Or its symtoms would be answered in such a way that it can be fully understood.

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