Dunder Experiments


Dunder Experiments Essay, Research Paper

Experiment 1.

Aim: – To find the PH of Dunder.

Materials: – -Crucible

-Filtrated Dunder

-Universal Indicator


Method: – A small amount of filtrated Dunder is placed in the Crucible. A few drops of Universal Indicator are then dropped onto the Dunder with the Eyedropper. The mixture will then change to colour corresponding to the Dunders PH.

Results: – In this Experiment the PH of the Dunder came up as 4. This showed that Dunder is considerably acidic.

Experiment 2.

Aim: – To find if Dunder contains Glucose.

Materials: – -Filtrated Dunder


Method: – Place the clinistix into the filtrated Dunder for 30 secs 1 min. Then let the Clinistix dry. Compare to instruction box to find if it contains Glucose.

Results: – The Clinistix when dried shows that Dunder contains Glucose. This would not be a considerable amount though, because most of the glucose would have been used up previously in the Sugar and rum process before dunder is made.

Experiment 3.

Aim: – To find the Boiling Point of Dunder.

Materials: – -Filtrated Dunder



-Bunsen Burner


-Gauze Mat


Method: – Put the Filtrated Dunder in a beaker, and place on the gauze mat. Turn the Bunsen burner onto the blue flame. When the Dunder starts to boil, record the temperature. This gives you the boiling point of Dunder.

Result: – The Dunder started to boil at 78 degrees Celsius.

Experiment 4.

Aim: – To test for the room temperature of Dunder.

Materials: – -Beaker

-Filtrated Dunder


Method: – Place the Thermometer in the Dunder at room temperature, and record the temperature.

Result: – The room temperature of Dunder is 27 degrees Celsius.

The preliminary experiments showed that Dunder has an acidity of 4, contains a small amount of glucose, has a boiling point of 78 degrees Celsius and room temperature of 27 degrees Celsius.

Experiment 1.

Aim: – To see if Dunder is suitable as a weed killer.

Materials: – -120ml of Dunder

-6 weeds of the same type


Method: – Apply 20mL of Dunder to 3 weeds. Apply 10mL water : 10ml Dunder solution to another 3 weeds. Record what happens to weeds on a daily basis.

Results: –

20 ml of Dunder 10ml of Dunder / 10 ml of water

Day Details Day Details

1 No affect on weeds 1 No affect on weeds

2 Smaller weeds start to go pale 2 No affect on weeds

3 Pale leaves 3 No affect on weeds

4 Leaves start to drop 4 No affect on weeds

5 Larger weeds not affected 5 No affect on weeds

6 Smaller weeds appeared dead 6 No affect on weeds

7 7 No affect on weeds

This Experiment showed that Dunder is a suitable weed killer. But when Dunder is watered down in becomes ineffective. It also showed that 20mls of Dunder is enough to kill small weeds. If it were to be used as a large weed killer more dunder would have to be applied. But with these minor adjustments Dunder would be a suitable weed killer.

Experiment 2.

Aim: – To test if Dunder prevents metals corroding.

Materials: – -6 nails

-30 ml of Dunder

-30 ml of Water

-3 small plates

Method: – Place 2 nails on each of the plates. One plate is covered in water (control). One plate is cover with a 50-50 solution of water and Dunder. One plate is covered with Dunder. Expose these three plates to the elements and observe what happens daily.

Results: -


Day Plate with water Plate with Dunder Plate with 50-50 solution

1 No change. No change. No change.

2 Signs of corrosion. Dunder forms solid. Dunder forms solid.

3 Water has evaporated. No change. No change.

4 Plate refilled with water. No change. No change.

5 Nails have corroded No change. No change.

This experiment showed that Dunder is suitable in preventing rust. The nails that were soaked in the dunder, when pulled and cleaned off showed no signs of corrosion. Yet the nails soaked in the water showed forms of corrosion in the second day. If Dunder were applied to metals, the metal would become less prone to corrosion.

Experiment 3.

Aim: – To see if Dunder is suitable for removing rust.

Materials: – -1 small plate

-15 ml of Dunder

-2 rusted nails

Method: – Place 2 rusted nails on the small plate. Cover them with Dunder. Leave outside between 4 6 days. After these 4 6 days clean Dunder off the nails and record results.

Results: – After the 2 rusted nails had been left to soak in the Dunder for the period of 4 6 days. The nails showed no signs of rust. This therefore shows that Dunder is a suitable product for removing rust.


These Experiments performed showed that Dunder is a suitable weed killer, suitable for preventing rust as well as removing rust. These 3 uses are also practical because they don t need any chemicals added for them to work. Nor does the Dunder need to be filtrated, diluted, or distilled for these uses.

Log Book

Thursday 10th May, 2001.

- Testing pH Dunder

- Testing glucose in Dunder

- Finding Boiling point of Dunder

- Finding room temp. of Dunder

Weed Experiment

Started on the 16th June, 2001.

Day 1 – 17th June 2001

Day 2 – 18th June 2001

Day 3 – 19th June 2001

Day 4 – 20th June 2001

Day 5 – 21st June 2001

Day 6 – 22nd June 2001

Day 7 – 23rd June 2001

Prevent metals corroding

Started on the 25th June, 2001.

Day 1 – 26th June 2001

Day 2 – 27th June 2001

Day 3 – 28th June 2001

Day 4 – 29th June 2001

Day 5 – 30th June 2001

Removing Rust

Started on the 5th July, 2001.

Day 1 – 5th July 2001

Day 4 – 8th July 2001


Some information was obtained from the internet. (http://www.nacecorrosionnetwork.com/HyperNews/get/forums/chemproc/38.html)

This information quoted molasses can be used to remove scale from rusted steel. Which is were the idea came from (rusting experiments). All other information was obtained from the experiments carried out in the school lab or at home.

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