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Lars Eighner writes about his life as a homless person and his struggles to make a decent living at it. This consists in what he so properly calls "Dumpster diving". His essay depicts the variety of useful objects one can find in a dumpster as well as helpful hints on carefully selecting edibles. He goes on to also warn the reader on the potential health hazards that can be encountered

while being a professional Dumpster diver.

As far as his ideas are concerned…I cannot say I am in complete accord with this form of lifestyle, but then again, who chooses to be homless? Although I must admit that living off the waste of others is possible and not completely intangible to everyone in this world. His form of

writting seems quite calm, simple and surprisingly well expressed for a person who one may

unjustfully label as uneducated. The vocabulary used is common enough for almost anybody to

understand without the aid of a dictionary. From reading this, it seems that anyone can be homeless and live from the mercy of other people’s trash.

Reading other people’s writting is always an experience, sometimes enjoyable and sometimes not so enjoyable. It always depends on the manner the author maintains you interested in the

topic, be it either the tone, vocabulary or plot of the story. Eighner’s choice of tone and vocabulary certainly made reading his essay enjoyable. There were no secret meanings or symbolism to decipher or difficult words which could make a reader stumble.

I wouldn’t say that I would use Eighner’s essay as a guide for my own writting, but I did learn that a simple essay is always easier and more entertaining to read than a more complicated and elaborate one. I am certainly interested in reading more of Lars Eighner’s work.

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