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The Dragons Triangle

On the other side of the world from the Bermuda Triangle is similar mysterious place called the Dragon’s Triangle. To the Japanese this place is known as Ma-No Umi, which means the sea of the Devil. For centuries Japanese fishermen have told stories of mysterious losses of fishing boats to Sea Demons and Dragon’s who inhabit the Triangle. Ships have been recorded missing in the triangle for more than 3000 years some reports go as far back as the Sung and Yaun dynasties of ancient China. Ancient Chinese legends dating back to 900bc tell of a dragon’s underwater palace in the dragon’s triangle. These stories say that even on a windless day the seas in the triangle were to rough to travel safely. Strange noises could also be heard by those traveling in the vicinity of the triangle as well as the sight of mysterious lights. More recently however ships, submarines, and aircraft’s have either gone down in the triangle or have comeback to report strange disruptions that occurred on their vessels. These malfunctions include compass deviation, malfunction and non-function of radios, and the loss of the control of the vessel as well as unexplainable mishaps1. Along with these are a long list of natural phenomenon’s that have been reported like huge unexpected waves, seaquakes, great whirlpools, minicanes, sudden localized fogs and sanaku-nami’s2. Sanaku-nami’s are also know as triangle waves, what these are, are waves that are said to come at you form three different directions all at once. And in these next paragraphs I hope to prove that despite skeptics and scientists theories the Dragon’s Triangle still holds a great deal of mystery around it.

All of the phenomenon’s listed to have occurred in the Triangle lead to the Dragon’s Triangle officially being labeled as a danger area for sea travel in 1950(see figure 1). Before 1950 however the dragon’s triangle was a playground for naval battle during World War 2. During sea battles throughout the war Japan lost five aircraft carriers, 340 planes, ten battleships, ten heavy cruisers, nine destroyers, and 4,000 kamikaze planes in the triangle. While most of these disappearances can be explained by mines, submarines, battleships and airstrikes they is in an exception that should be made. One time in 1942 Japan sent a fleet of five warships, three destroyers and two aircraft carriers that were never heard of again, what happened to these ships was never determined. It is extremely doubtful that they were sunken by enemy action because they were in home waters and there were no British or American ships in these waters during the beginning of the war. In any case, the Allies would have gladly taken credit for any sinkings if they had been involved. Another interesting fact about navel war in the dragon’s triangle is that the Americans submarines were ineffective off the shores of Japan because their magnetic detonators worked incorrectly in the triangle. At times, torpedoes would actually turn to attack the ships that had launched them; this forced them to refit their arsenal with contact detonators. After the war from 1949 to 1954 large fishing vessels and coast guard cutters vanished without a trace and without any witnesses, totaling hundreds of people lost. From then to now ships over 200,000 tonnes carrying oil, coal and other bulk have vanished without a trace in the triangle no crew members, wreckage or floatism.

As you can see the Dragon’s Triangle is a very similar to the Bermuda Triangle when it comes to the disappearances of planes, ships and submarines, but the similarities do not end there.

The two triangles share much in common geographically as well. Beside the fact that they both form triangles. (The Bermuda Triangle starting at Puerto Rico and going to Bermuda and Florida (see figure 2), and The Dragon’s Triangle starting at Japan then going to the Mariana Islands and Guam ). Both triangles are located at 35? west and 35? east latitude and longitude which means that if you were to start out in the Bermuda triangle and were to travel straight through the center of the earth you would come out at the Dragon’s Triangle. Both of these areas also show strange magnetic inconsistances and have agonic lines (from the Greek, meaning “no angles” ). While these lines are invisible, they reflect a measurable distinction of the earth’s magnetic field. The north and south magnetic poles do not coincide with the geographic north and south poles. So, the connecting force lines between the magnetic poles north and south do not line up exactly with the meridians of longitude. The paths to these two sets of poles do not coincide except for the general north and south direction. Reports have stated that compass readings have been as far off as 12 degrees. The Bermuda Triangle and the Dragon’s Triangle are both located at the eastern end of continental masses, where warm and cold currants collide and the sea is swept by strong currants over volcanic areas. Also both are areas are where the ocean floor varies from shallow areas to the deepest trenches of the sea, in the Bermuda Triangle there is a trench north of Puerto Rica and in the Dragon’s Triangle there is the Ogasawara Deep and the Ryukyu’s well. Also in by the Philippines there in the Mariana trench which is so deep that if Mount Everest were to rise from the ocean floor it would still be over a mile below surface. Interesting time effects have also been noticed in these areas some carefully tracked passenger flights have arrived in Japan or neighboring countries arriving as far as an hour ahead of there expected time arrival that it could only be explained by 500mph winds.

Potential dangers to shipping in the Dragon’s Triangle have been reported as coming from apparently controlled undersea activity with overtones of inner or outer space. Large and small ships have found themselves on collision courses with what were first known in Japan as mikakunin hiko-buttai more commonly known as UFO’s. The Japanese on average tend to report a lot a UFO’s a year and in the past these objects may have been recorded as gods, dragons, ghosts or demons. Ever since the first UFO was sighted they have been used to explain many of the phenomenon that occur on the earth. The dragon’s Triangle is no exception to this. Many people explain the bizarre disappearances in the dragon and Bermuda triangle on unidentified flying objects. But what evidence do these believers have to go on? On October 21, 1978 Frederick Valentich was solo-flying his small single engine plane from Melbourne, Australia to king Island witch is near the Triangle. At approximately 7:06pm the pilot noticed four lights above him, and radioed air traffic controllers in Melbourne, asking about these strange lights (see figure 3). Air traffic control reported that there were no other airplanes in the vicinity. The mysterious aircraft passed over him at least twice after which his engine began to malfunction. The pilot’s last message was that the object was not an aircraft this was followed by strange metallic noises and his disappearance.

The Mystery of the Dragon’s Triangle is said by many to be a hoax and these skeptics have offered many explanations to the phenomenon that occur here. The most likely explanation for these occurrences are because of the strange magnetic field located in the triangle. Scientists are not sure why the earth has a magnetic field, but one theory says that it is due to movement in its molten core. Movement in the core could produce shifting patterns in the earth’s field and bursts of magnetic activity. One effect of this would be to cause compasses to spin; another would be to create violent turbulence on the sea. However the disruption on the sea would happen in an irregular pattern, this would cause the water to appear to be coming from all directions. The description of the water effects sounds very similar to the sankaku-nami the magnetic bursts could explain it’s existence. As for the strange disappearances in the Triangle they could be explained by the compass deviations. Ships, planes and submarines may have got lost in the triangle due to the compasses, and may have crashed at another location this could also explain why no wreckage has ever been found here. This is just a Theory and has yet to be proven modern technology, communications, and the professional experience are still insufficient to explain the dangers of the Dragon’s Triangle.

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