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Doomsday. The day when every living thing on this earth will die and will face the Creator for Judgement Day. Many people believe this will happen, and soon. Possibly New Years’ Eve, the year 2000. But will it happen? The world will soon find out. Three areas to be looked at are: the Cold War starting after the Second World War; nuclear war, its possibility of reoccurring and the way the media views the threat of nuclear war; and finally, whether the apocalypse is approaching, what the world’s military capability for a nuclear and chemical apocalypse is. If Doomsday does come, nobody on this earth will be left alive.

The Cold War began when Franklin Roosevelt gave Eastern Europe to the Russians at Yalta. America was only attacked once, by Japan. This means America fought the war, but never felt the effects of it for themselves. Roosevelt was not national in his thinking and so the European nations wanted revenge, this is when Stalin came into control. The first atomic bomb was dropped by the United States on Japan in 1945. This caused fear among Russians and so nuclear weapons became the new technology, Russians wanting to be able to defend themselves. The Berlin Wall went up. Russians controlled West Berlin, Britain controlled the northwest, America controlled the southwest. Two atomic bombs were dropped in total, both on August 6, 1945. The Cold War did not fully end until the destruction of the Berlin Wall, 1990.

What would it be like living each day in constant fear? Afraid that this day will be the final day in the world’s existence. In May of 1998 India began its testing of their nuclear weapons. This shows that they are still being made and still in use. Although they are not being used in wars, there is the threat that something could go wrong. The testing area may not be secure, something could backfire, or the wrong person could get their hands on a nuclear weapon. When used in the right setting there is little threat. But what is the reason behind continually building these weapons? Obviously people would be willing to use them if they are willing to make them. As of yet there have been no safe ways found to dispose of the radioactive waste used to create bombs. Most people in the media view the threat of nuclear war as an ever-present issue. They think it could happen any time, any where. They are correct.

What would the end of the world be like? Will the apocalypse come? These questions may some day be answered but history suggest it will not happen. The world did not end in the years 1000 or 1900 as many believed it would so why now? Facts are it could happen. Nuclear weapons are widely available as are the resources needed to create these weapons. Many countries around the world have facilities where they are testing such weapons. Nuclear weapons have generally been made illegal. They have not been used in war for over fifty years. There will always be the threat. It happened once. Surely it could happen again.

The world will likely end some day. This is a fact stated by the leading scientists of the world. Whether it be by nuclear weapons, an asteroid slamming into the earth, the depletion of the ozone or the world’s creator simply calling everyone back, the world is likely to end some day, some how. The Cold War, nuclear weapons, and the apocalypse are all areas leading up to the end of the world as a whole. Nobody can positively predict the future. Nobody will know how or even if the world will end until it happens.

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