Domino Effect


Domino Effect Essay, Research Paper

A bad day is like a domino effect. One block falls

and each one will follow. It is ten o’clock on Tuesday

morning and normally I would hit the “snooze” button about five times, and roll out of bed, but today feeling extrememly energetic. I hop out of bed and decide to shower early in hopes of actually presenting myself in a better manner than my usual t-shirt and running pants.

Tuesday was also the first day I began to feel better. I have been battling strep throat for up to a week and a half now. My chest also was congested and I

sound as if I have my two fingers shoved up my nostrils when trying to talk. I turned on the shower and enjoyed to sweet scent of my finesse shampoo and conditioner. Then it began….the domino. No hot water, colder than the inside of an ice bucket.

After thawing myself out from my frosty shower I decided t make myself some hot tea and enjoy a couple peices of toast. Next, I flipped on the television and was watching some talk shows finishing the last bite of my toast; I reached for my filled with tea. So close yet so far away, I tipped the entire cup over. Covering my phone and education notebook. I bit my tongue and tried not to curse. After cleaning up and trying to get readay in time for class, I headed out. Of course it was raining outside, the one time I actually make myself presentable it has to rain. Halfway to class, my lovely hair turned out to frizz and I looked like I stuck my finger in an outlet and electrucuted myself.

After sucking up the fact that I looked horrid I walked into class(will not get into the fact that I was ten minutes late). The next words from the teacher’s mouth were a “pop quiz”. This was not a good thing. I was not prepared for a quiz, especially not with the kind of day I was undergoing. After my funfilled class of pop quizzes and boring lectures, I went to buy a coffee at Dunkin Donuts. As I approached my car I thought to myself, “my car looks awfully lopsided.” It turns out that I had a flat tire. We’re talking flat. Flat as a balloon with no helium left. I spent the next hour with a tow truck man with bad breath and greasy hands.

As dusk approached, I finally made it back to my room in one peice. With a sigh of relief and hopes to just go and crawl into bed and put this horrible day to rest I reached into my pockets and then realized I had left my keys in the car. The car was at the mechanic. Next thing I had to do was sit in my hall and wait patiently for my roommates to come home. They, of course, came home with smiles from ear to ear. Their day was going as usual. I didn’t even want to explain the sort of day I was having. I just wanted to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head. That’s just what I did and then the last domino had fallen. My horrible day was over and hopes were for a better day when I hit the snooze button for the first time the next morning.

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