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Disney World is seen as an artificial, programmed environment in the eyes of

Susan Willis, a Duke University English professor (84). To her, the practice of

amusement seems as catastrophic as the end of mankind. I disagree and believe

that there is nothing wrong with amusement. In the words of Aristotle, "But

to amuse oneself?seems right, for amusement is a sort of relaxation, and we

need relaxation because we cannot work continuously" (Cahn, 124). Disney

World offers venues for relaxation and amusement. It tailors the visitor’s

experience through theme parks such as MGM Studios, Epcot Center, and The Magic

Kingdom. These parks each present a unique entertainment experience that

attracts children and adults alike. Ms. Willis, Disney World may be a

manufactured sphere of fantasy but it provides entertainment and amusement that

is both beneficial and necessary for people. When I finally stumbled upon the

spherical, disproportional, black ears of Mickey Mouse, we shook hands and I was

overcome by a feeling of warmth and joy. I had wandered the Magic Kingdom all

day in search of my favorite characters and I suddenly found myself tilting my

neck upward to see Mickey’s permanent smile staring happily down at me. Later

that day, the heralded parade along Main Street U.S.A. commenced with astounding

beauty and energy. The dazzling colors and larger than life floats were

undoubtedly appealing to every child’s imagination. Characters seen before only

on television were transformed into three-dimensional life. Through Disney’s

entertainment, fantasy became reality. Amusement reciprocates into education at

Disney World, specifically at MGM Studios and Epcot Center. A tour through the

back lots of MGM leads the entertained to real studios where the Nickolodeon

channel films a few of its popular game shows. Close by lie actual animation

labs where gleeful tourists get a glimpse of Disney’s artists skillfully weaving

through the animation process. Epcot Center, with its mall of international

countries, allows visitors to learn about the culture of a foreign country

through sidewalk shows, specialty shops, and eclectic restaurants. The culture

of each country is displayed with a high degree of authenticity, as the

employees are natives of their respective countries. As Disney World electrifies

brave visitors with its heart pounding rides, other visitors can devote their

time to relaxation. With a choice of numerous resorts, guests of Disney World

can take a day off from the theme parks while being sufficiently entertained.

Disney’s luxurious resorts feature championship golf courses, tennis courts,

swimming pools, and live shows. As tourists relax, they can also explore various

activities at their leisure. An increasing number of tourists flock to Disney

World each year to be amused. The treatment and entertainment they are exposed

to is first class. Disney World’s worthwhile entertainment is displayed through

its many attractions. It is evident that fantasy, learning, and relaxation play

major roles in the allure of Disney World. Humans will always need entertainment

because play and activity have their limits. There lies a balance between

activity and amusement. I believe Disney World has succeeded in its quest to

make the latter a beneficial part of people’s lives.

Cahn, Steven M. Classic And Contemporary Readings In The Philosophy Of

Education. New York: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 1997.

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