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Lee Smith was on his way to town with his girlfriend sharon. Lee was 32 and a

postman from maghull. They were going to town to get some wine for their dinner

party that night. Lee?s car had been taken off him when he had drunk and drove

3 months before, so they were going by train. The station was only a few minutes

walk from their flat so they were on the train in time. The train left the

station at 10.00 am and headed towards town. By twenty past they were there. Lee

helped Sharon on to the platform as she had twisted her ankle coming down the

stairs earler that week. She was prone to falling or slipping over. They walked

across the road to an off licence to get the wine for that night. They got a few

bottles and went for a bite to eat in Mc?donalds. ?Nice, this Big Mac.?

Lee told his girlfriend. ?It?s alright.? she replied. They walked around

the shops for a hour or two then headed towards the station. ?What time are

the guests arriving later?? enquired Lee. ?I told them to come about five or

half five.? she answered. Lee turned his head to look at his watch. ?It?s

ten to five now! Run? Lee grabbed Sharon?s arm and ran with her. Sharon

hobbled along with him. ?Slow down Lee, I?ve got a bad ankle.? ?We

can?t, I can hear the train coming now. Lee got to the end of the platform

before Sharon. She eventually caught up with him. She raced up to the end of the

platform. . . . . . . . her ankle twisted and she fell down onto the track.

?Noooooo? Lee yelled. He smelt the sickly smell of burning flesh. But the

train was still chugging towards her! Lee signalled to the driver to stop but it

was pointless. It was only a few yards away from her. Lee closed his eyes as the

carriages sped over her body squashing the life out of the already mutilated

mound of flesh. As the reality of what he had just witnessed dawned, Lee fell to

the ground seeing only blackness before him. Lee couldn?t help blaming himself

for Sharons death. If only he hadn?t been so stupid drinking and driving. They

would have been in the car!

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