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In American society today, millions of people are searching for the elusive dream of being thin. On any given day, one finds neighbors, friends, and relatives on some kind of a diet. There are many different types of diets available being used by a variety of dieters. Three of the more common types of dieters are the “impatients,” the “promisers,” and the “longterms.” Everyone wants to lose weight quickly and effortlessly; therefore, any fad diet promising overnight results seems to catch the attention of the “impatients.” When there are advertisements for exercise equipment, promising instant results in just minutes a day, the “impatients” don?t hesitate to order it right away. This could be a good thing, however, the equipment usually just ends up collecting dust instead of being used. The next day the television advertises a new wonder pill that claims the user can lose up to ten pounds in one week, and the “impatients” are sure that it will work. Although the magic pill does not produce the desired weight loss, they never give up hope for a new product to come along. The “impatients” are always looking for the quickest wieght loss products on the dieting market. It is common for one to decide it is time to lose a few unwanted pounds; however, decisions made in haste can be hard to keep and the “promisers” usually fail their attempts right away. They pledge to lose the extra weight for special occasions such as an upcoming reunion, wedding, or maybe a trip to the beach, but the weight-loss pact usually fails. The “promisers” tend to put their diets of until tomorrow, after what they tell themselves, will be their last day of indulgence . That so-called last day of indulgence is usually followed by yet another day of indulgence rather than the diet that they promised to start. The “promisers” are constantly setting out to lose weight but the attempts continue to be unsuccessful. Unlike the “impatients” and the “promisers” who?s various attempts at losing weight tend to fail, the “longterms” usually get the best results. The “longterms” don?t rely on gimmicks or quick fixes to lose weight, instead they make changes in the way that they live day after day. Instead of waiting until the last minute to cut back on fat, the ” longterms” include low-fat and healthy meals as part of their everyday diet. In addition to eating right, another reason the “longterms” seem to get the best results is because they also include moderate exercise into their lifestyle. The “longterms” may not lose ten pounds in a week, but in the long run they definitely get the most effective and stable weight loss results. All dieters share a common goal; losing weight, but they approach the goal from many different sides. As Americans continue to search for ways to lose weight, there will always be dieters that are trying every product, pill, program, and lifestyle until they find the method that works the best for themselves.

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