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Harrison Bergeron Dialogue

Harrison’s Mother attempts to explain to Harrison why he must not try to

be better than anyone else.

“Harrson, come here please, your Father and I want to talk to you for a


He knew what it was about, his parents wanted to tell him why it’s not right

to be different from anyone else. He had heard them discussing it a little bit earlier

that evening.

“What do you need Mom?”

“Well son we called you over here to express our concern for your foolish


“What foolish behavior Mom?”

“We know that you have a gift, and your eager to use your gift, but you

have to realize that it’s an unfair advantage other less privileged people.” “If

everybody was different than one another, the less fortunate people would be left

behind and have less opportunities.”

“We have heard rumors that you have been using your skills to win card

games at school.” “I don’t even think you should be playing cards at all, they

encourage you to stand out from others.”

“Ok Mom but when can I use my talents.”

“Only when your by your self and it’s not damaging to anyone else around


“Ok, whatever Mom”. “But it’s hard not to make things easier for my self.”

Sometimes I dont even try to use my gift, it just happens.”

“I know dear but you have to try your hardest ok,” his Mom said.

Ok Mom I’ll do my best

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