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The Problem.

The conventional way of managing a dental office using forms, filling cabinets and paperwork for administration of the practice is now being outdated by the use of computers. The Bristol Dental Hospital still use a ?manual? based system, which is now proving to be inefficient due to the numbers of patients and office space. Examples of the problems the practice deals with is to keep up to date with appointments, send out letters and bills and update patient details. These are all paper-based and require a new sheet to be filled in when problems occur. If patient?s addresses need to be found, the dentist(s) would have to take valuable time searching through filling cabinets. The hospital would most like to make more efficient use of it?s practice time to help end delays in the waiting room and make each patient?s files easier to manage and more importantly update their details. Another factor the hospital find hard to keep synchronised with the NHS?s system as the hospital claim money from them for the treatment of patients. As a result the hospital have been using money they effectively don?t have until the claimed money comes through. The practice would also like to be able to manipulate all the data it gathers so it can produce reports, predictions and graphs to for various purposes, but mainly to improve patients? support. At the moment tasks like these would take plenty of administration time to go through paper-based files and extracting the information required.

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